A 26 year old house owner 31 years old became China’s richest man and sold his company at the age

can you imagine such a scene? In the morning, a company was watching the listing ceremony at the Hong Kong stock exchange, and in a few hours it was ordered to be suspended……

so why does the press ask Jun Jun to go on the market? Why is the stock underwriting agency under investigation?.

I don’t believe so. Look at the three Chinese "horse" car on the internet……

just when everyone thought he was going to retire from the arena,

now, he’s back again……

, it was the 08188.HK that just appeared on the HKEx gem yesterday.

According to Article 8.1 of the Hongkong

I do not know since when, Chinese Internet all surname horse……

two home: Pony brother =+, WeChat + grab Red + one point is also love

Two days ago,

three: Robin Li =…… my wife is surnamed ma.

has a figure, but looks rather lonely…… Few people interviewed him. He got on the bus alone and left in a hurry……

10 years later, he seems to have disappeared from China’s first line of Internet Co…… read more

Using technology to recommend personalized readingOne hundred words is sharing the economy shared or

then, Jane developed another personalized information software at the mobile terminal, referring to a product that is quite similar to Zite and Flipboard. The user can subscribe to the subject according to the subject

Jan net is currently developing products based on their "information genetic technology", one for micro-blog on nearly one hundred thousand topics, micro-blog, without manual operation, machine screening and publishing. In addition, personalized magazine subscription applications have been developed". The third products will be added to the user’s personal recommendation, forming a social organization platform based on reading interest.

What did

heavy asset mode hidden crazy car, put more and more large scale loss rate caused by more and more is also high, when the cycle continues to expand the scale of loss rate will be an astronomical figure, which means that with more and more investment, cost.

what is the sharing economy? Sharing economy refers to the right to the use of idle resources to others with institutions or individuals who get paid transfer of resources, transfer of share return, use share their idle resources to create value. But the shared economic phenomenon is in recent years as the Internet revolution of information technology especially the mobile Internet, big data and other outbreak began popular, its main characteristic is, including one created by the third party, based on the information technology market platform, the third party may be commercial institutions, organizations or government; individuals with these platforms, exchange unused items, to share their knowledge and experience, to the enterprise, or a creative project to raise funds. read more

Small and medium sized Adsense optional advertising alliance introductionGet other people’s money c

7  PR alliance an old alliance, 04 years began to make their alliance, the alliance have been more timely, good reputation, has sh419, as many other well-known advertisers, the disadvantage is the relatively long period of payment, monthly commission.

secondly, he found that the market with the same technology as he needed was very few to exploit and apply practical talents. If it were not for a partner, he would almost have to start with nothing but luck.

first of all, he did not expect the time of loitering in the country will be so long, at this time, with the increasing confidence in the project, his troubles are increasing.

8 other Is


at that time, he was prepared to advance the market, whether it is the market atmosphere, enterprise competition or customer cultivation found at a very early, the lack of any direct reference to the customer’s own spontaneous opportunity, some scattered demand, potential competitors are not even think of can form products packaged sales, when the government’s policy is a blank. This state of affairs poses a great challenge to him. read more

What are the qualifications of WangzhuanPeople who plan to start business are not fooled by success

hard condition:

and then external publicity impact on the gem, to each with a POS machine, a multinational language translator, involving cross-border payments, smart city, artificial intelligence and other concepts, C round of financing, a premium of 10 times, 2 billion 350 million. Finally, selling shares to cash in on profits, does that sound like a bear?.

4, with a basic business acumen. No matter what business you do, you need to have the basic business acumen, and the Internet is no exception.


1, good learning attitude. Attitude is everything, do Wangzhuan not good mentality, can not stick to it.

don’t be fooled by success stories,

then road show, and then A round of financing, the premium five times, 23 million 500 thousand;

a lot of people don’t know, it’s a close call. In China, there are about 3300 listed companies, but there are no more than 2000 listed companies. What is the concept? The probability of success is 1/10000.

summary can earn money by people with conditions: Wangzhuan patience Psychology and some commercial head and execution skills and theoretical knowledge with Wangzhuan flow skills and good terminal is equal to the sum of money. read more

Click on the station will make reasonable grouping the faster you click theHow was the website modif

hybux bpbux NeoBux tuibux BuxWiz evernity the six station advertising page and click on the way in which tuibux BuxWiz evernity is similar to that of the three stations is not at the same time can click on the influence between them, these three sites can only open an advertising page, can put them in a group.

I did 11 station, goldptcitaly payperuse fastcashptr of the three station advertising click on the page and the process is similar, the three stations in the click, can not be opened at the same time, to the three station, you can only open a advertising page, even if you put the three sites are all opened, it can only display a page advertisement, the mutual influence between them, put them in a group, can the end point of a station, and then click a station. Easy to manage, there will be no leakage.


click on the station a lot, but careful analysis can be found, they are still rules, although it is different from the main advertising advertising, but many clicks and click on the ads in a similar way, we can use this feature to improve their efficiency, click. Here are a few of their own click on the characteristics of the station simply talk about. read more

How does the Taobao distribution platform achieve the highest daily sales of 30 thousandOur future v

now, Taobao distribution platform website is too much, which can not help but some mixed up, interference businesses and shop managers line of sight, so that they have no choice, no way to start.

1. clothing merchants settled in


sell distribution platform is the main business clothing supply center, sales center is the network clothing business, on the one hand, and actively expand the more clothing merchants settled, on the other hand to recruit to join the shop manager.

two, website quality of service

happy new year, I’m cool grass, ask this time the new year is too good? Whether found Internet market is facing a new challenge and chance? Today I bring you the article from our entrepreneurs, do you have after 1 years, 2 years or more of hard struggle efforts in this road station, but you pay to return little? Ever thought of giving up the hard and do not look to the direction of the road for us? This is a group of people, good at finding problems, loneliness, dare to struggle, hope to achieve entrepreneurial, webmaster. So let’s get to the point: for those who have given up or even failed – what should we do in the future? read more

POCO Content Alliance presents mystery giftForeign lead market analysis is still a big piece of cake

a few years ago, the operation of the task, the same IP, a task, operation several times, plus money, then I do not know how many million or even millions of millionaires. Compared with that, now that foreign Wangzhuan not with money like crazy, this is the Internet advertising industry standard a sign. But this does not mean that other issues, including my own understanding and the circle of friends, each hear people say this is not good to do when they couldn’t help laughing, others where a lot of money, only those who have not started the rookie there casually shouting. You look at those Wangzhuan Trading Forum have account transactions, a lot of people in there every day if others do not explain what? Where do trading account, so this alone is a discerning eye can see the prospect and the present state of this line.

advertising alliance is actually stood in our affliate here, what is the purpose of the alliance they? Is not to make money? If there is no EMU, so the League turnover will be much lower, even difficult to operate. About EMU is what, do not know a friend, also can go to my blog to study. Why would K off a part of union? This is because when a large number of complaints of advertisers, advertisers will have to cope with the alliance K cheating off those stupid people, can be regarded as a way to lose a pawn to save a castle. So we have to do is to improve their level of EMU, and boats teach technology at present to deal with the general union examination, so those who say do lead high threshold actually lies in yourself and not deep enough. read more

About Sogou League code slide functionPig eight quit nets for entrepreneurs this group of devil cus


· bidding code added new slide show function 07.08.01

now, the Internet, big data is a charm, the heart back. For the products and consumers, in the resurrection.

if you have any questions, please contact the union customer service staff.

is now trying to put a bigger chunk of the slide ad, and I guess the bigger the piece is, the more likely it will be noticed.

with ALI after the two major electricity supplier platform, Jingdong and Suning also pushed the "Jingdong unwilling to remain out of the limelight, 6· 18 electricity supplier Festival, Suning launched" 8· 18 "business day, you Changba me play. read more

Say Wangzhuan novice can learn experienceThe importance of enterprise blog marketing


cheating is divided into three levels: the lightest is cheating the account was closed, followed by the company to $cast to the wind! Make up the loopholes, stop part of service, so that all members suffer losses, make money resources destroyed! Is the most serious, simply stop service, make money resources is completely destroyed!

modaobuwukanchaigong, first of all to be ready to make money online tools. Some Wangzhuan forum is necessary, the novice can learn a lot of knowledge, is a very good forum, which organize some basic knowledge for beginners very useful

2, in order to cheat become people offline, if the line does not cheat, dead must be me, earn must be him! I don’t fall for ~~~

companies use blogs for marketing,

two, our claim,

I think it’s necessary to use blogs on enterprise websites. This will keep your site updated.

A, make money, experience


I want to contact Wangzhuan people are on the Internet to earn money, not two years ago I heard the word Wangzhuan, had to earn more money in sh419 search results will make money online, broke into the "higher" world, then a get out of hand, crazy money on deep web, also accumulated a lot of experience. Now want to combine other users experience here about Wangzhuan knowledge, hope that you can soon enter the world Wangzhuan friends help. read more

The latest Adsense content LeagueProduct is the real boss entrepreneurs should do all products at th

3, music content League,

but many entrepreneurs ignore that. They don’t know exactly what the product is, but just ask the team to keep up with what they like. This will cause the following problems:


in other words, when an entrepreneur is an employee, he is responsible for the boss; he knows he has to be responsible for the product until he becomes a boss. We have to insist on the product is useful. If you understand this, do you understand more about the job of the boss?

secondly, there is a lack of a unified basis for discussion. For example: if you create a more suitable for northern winter use of the cup, we can put forward the views of each one airs his own views. But if you think about what kind of thermos cup the boss would like, I’m afraid there’s no creativity when there’s no noise.

many people have a wrong understanding of entrepreneurship. They only saw the power of the boss and ignored the responsibilities of the boss. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, those powers must be used to take responsibility for the product. read more