Dry sharing high power grid operations necessary 8 tools to let you bid farewell to primary operati

operation in most people’s eyes, the operation is dirty, dirty work, mental work, tedious, it is easy to fall into the situation of no clue. In fact, if you want to stand out from the crowd, you just have to run good stuff and go with a bright blind outfit".

said the operation tool, many people put together a lot of tools, big cousin think, do not need new media operation, each of the tools to learn, just need to pick a few smoothly, the most complete, most can improve the efficiency of the tool is good, fine.

today recommends a few more practical, more simplified workflow into the class operation tool, let you spike other primary operations, advanced, high power grid operations.

rabbit show

function: H5 free production (H5 show &, game)

official website: http://s.www.rabbitpre.com/

rabbit show is a free H5 graphic creative production platform, but also the first to achieve PSD, a key to the H5 function and access to large data services platform. Rabbit show has massive template material, you do not need to understand any programming technology, simply replace the text, animation and other elements, you can make exquisite personalized H5 pages and H5 games. read more

User experience fixes

now, the impact of the user experience on the enterprise is growing; a bad experience can lead to less measurable access. Since business success includes customer retention rates, consistently offering excellent experiences adds a lot of pressure.

availability, a term that has long been submerged in the technology development process, has suddenly become a strategy. Chief executive officer, director of marketing, business development manager, technical architects have availability, ease of use as part of their daily vocabulary, because availability is now not only affects the customer relationship, or even have fatal consequences.

therefore, user experience must provide relevant business goals. When the user experience fails, the customer can not get good service. Users can’t do what they need to achieve their goals, customer relationships will suffer disaster, business will suffer disaster. As a marketing vice president was asked why he believes his online service problems when he used to connect the painful truth and a marketing team, he replied: "the dogs are not willing to hunt for. read more

The days that moved me to tears

author at Victoria Harbour

in the morning, the sunshine in the beautiful campus of Rice University, green lawn, green oak, red brown of the old teaching building, the orange pebbles are shrouded in golden light…… Looking around, no matter where you put your view, it’s a wonderful medieval painting. Known as the "Southern Harvard", Rice University is the most famous university in the southern part of the United States. It is not only a beautiful campus, but also has more than 100 years of heavy history and a glorious journey. Study here, make up for my university – Hong Kong University Science & Technology lack of historical accumulation of regret.

I walk to the

campus is located in William · rice statue, looking up at the Rice University founder, looked at his solemn face, come to mind when he created the Rice University case…… I wonder when he’ll remember his past? Will he be moved to tears? Stand in front of Les statue and remember the last year when I founded the website for studying Hongkong in Hong Kong University Science & Technology…… The early start of the bitter and the development of sweet and sincere cooperation of the struggle of the team members, one by one, a sleepless night tired and familiar faces, a pile of bitter and sweet memories, scenes flashed in front of…… Looking back, I really moved myself to tears…… read more

Using waterfall flow to do online education resource sharing community eduClipper

        original title: draw on Pinterest, but not social networking sites – eduClipper

, a waterfall streaming online educational resource sharing community

If you open

eduClipper.net, and Pinterest will think it is really like, but it is not a social platform, founder of Adam Bellow Pinterest "is to borrow to present the waterfall flow" to encourage students and teachers to share educational resources.

is such a step, you can register with Facebook or Twitter, there are two main tools: eduClipper eduClip and eduClipboard, each share in the content on the eduClipper is a "eduClip", which is the content of the eduClipper, at this stage it encourages users to post a link, upload their own videos or pictures PPT, can also see here the content sharing Facebook, Google+ or eduClipboard; database like a personal homepage, users can create their own hand, upload yourself and share content on the other hand, when the user wants to see a particular person’s home page is this eduClipboard. read more

Discussion on the success of navigation of Telecom websites

once, when I was in college, it has been known for 123 at home, was particularly jealous, ha ha, not because of anything else, because it only sold to others, this station is 50 million, this price is unpredictable in the site navigation, but also caused a sensation in the network world, it the site navigation class formed a formidable miracle. Hao123’s success has made us aware of the era of Internet money making. In life, more and more people cannot do without the network, the number of Internet users from now to the development of tens of thousands of unpredictable, even now many people are engaged in this occupation in the network, web site home success, let us also recognize the way of making the site navigation industry. At the same time, site navigation is also very adapted to the current trend of the development of the site industry.

today, the trend of network development tendency and more diversified, various types of Web sites have continued to appear in the network, the development of search engine, web site included a web site more and more, but there is a new problem, the quality of site included, even on the Internet to check whether the effect is that they need also, it has become a problem for Telecom web site navigation. It has also become a standard for Internet users to evaluate web sites. read more

Grassroots webmaster choose the right host difficult to go to the blue sky

completed the first step in the website is to find a space upload up, very simple things, let me on the Internet north and south looking for a time, but also changed several times the seller, after 5 spring, summer, autumn and winter. Safety, stability, speed, hazards of the job site, cheap thousand road.

I have been in and out of the web since I was 04 years old. I have also taught myself film editing and flash game development. Eventually returned to the site up, shut yourself in your room and "development" of a local studio information network, a fast to more than 200 bought fast network space, second days carrying a parcel began Street propaganda, the results as can be imagined. After I died, I made a local station again. The last time I found it was slower and too small. Said nets, I spent two days in the investigation of the network agent again, finally found a Shandong, 300 yuan 300M and domain name space. It is the main general speed, the website is not profitable, so determined to put the cost lowered, then also met a fellow local friends, in a transaction after free to give me a virtual host, a local server is fast, along with our website PHP, does not support the space once again, at the beginning of each in the search site and webmaster website to find than to. read more

Webmaster jump out of the website and sell service

for most personal Adsense, in which a small part of the traffic can do very big, you can earn advertising fees, you can also sell big. But more than most sites, if there is not enough traffic to earn advertising fees. So you should think about it this way:

online way to make money can not escape the three categories: selling services, selling products, investment. And most people will be engaged in selling products or selling services. If you want your website to make money, you have to think about what you want to sell and what products you want to sell. For you, the website is just a platform or tool for you to do marketing. Of course, the ability is to directly put their products and services and web integration. If you want to make money, you don’t necessarily sell any products or services,


think about the people or industries you know, see what they need on the Internet, then develop the software, or use the website to provide the relevant services, and then you can meet them. Products can be software, source code, e-books, CDs, virtual products, traditional products, and so on. read more

Prohibit individual registration CN domain name domain name only to enterprise registration wrong

saw this information on the Internet today. After research, CNNIC decided to require users to submit a domain name registration application to the domain name registration service provider, and should submit written application materials at the same time. The application materials include the domain name registration form (original), the enterprise business license or the organization code certificate (copy), and the identity certificate of the registered contact person (copy). So, whether a person as long as the user cannot provide business license or certificate of organization code, will not be able to register the domain name? In the reporter’s questioning, the person said, the announcement of the three documents are indispensable.


network is not too familiar with you may not know this concept, such as 163.com, which is a domain name. The domain name is the name of the person only, who is who first registered. Earlier registration rules were for individuals and businesses, and even if you wanted to register domain names and fill in necessary information about registration, you can register. But what does it mean when you see the news? Only companies can sign up. read more

Talking about my webmaster’s Road

read a lot of webmaster articles, but also mastered a lot of knowledge, a little bit of my mind, so I applied for an account number, published personal thoughts. Because of the feeling, so that their pain and joy to share with you.

I am

from 2003 came into contact with the network, then heard through the network can make money, but I still don’t understand how utterly ignorant of, in the end to make money through the network, because the network is a popular direct marketing website, claims to be able to develop their own downline, look at those people in Pyramid like figures, is really attractive therefore, I also ready to, but in the end because no money to join, so it ran aground his dream to make money. But at that time I had made a call of the times news (they, they are free to join) the development of the assembly line, get some points, then cash into RMB, so I like the discovery of gold, work hard every day, was also part of the development of their own line, although eventually won 30 yuan. But this is my first half of 30 yuan revenue, however, I’m very excited, because I found on the Internet to make money. read more

Share the experience of running SNS with a learning attitude

, a good, promising and promising SNS website has to go through several stages in its first step. It is divided into three major categories:

1, not through search engine optimization, the number of direct real users reached more than 200;

two, you can start doing SEO, remember to follow the first point of order can not be wrong;

three is the most difficult step, how to locate your SNS community?

The next

separately under the first, what is the real users, is that 200 people are gathered by your connections, of course, is the lower limit of 200, the more the better, the more you will get faster development of community; that is to say you are going to do a SNS community before, you have to think of your hands the human resources are more than 200? This is very important, this is not considered good, your community will do very tired.

second, search engine optimization, why the second step needs to be done? The reason is very simple, when your own human resources play after, you should find a new way to break through, did not do this step before they think all the same, what is the use of WEB2.0 to let the 200 people ah to pull people, do you think viral, but not now tens of thousands of SNS community, why should people come to you registered, you can’t model your content innovation than others, it is unlikely! So, I think we should do search engine optimization. Well optimized, natural people to join. read more

The history of a common computer enthusiast

computers, websites, things that never thought before, and now they seem so.

graduated from junior high school I read for half a year after high school dropouts at home, doing nothing all day, the day was very decadent, one after another to find a few, finally ended in failure, with the help of friends, learn computer easily and more money, so I set foot on the road of computer. I am in the film and television industry, the country is not very prosperous, busy day to night, but also overtime, and ultimately only enough to point to their own living expenses. The day got very difficult, last year I found on the Internet website is very simple, as long as the system can download a CMS, all of a sudden, my blood is boiling, ha ha! That happy, immediately do it yourself "combat", the beginning I love to do download stations, because I also love doing the software, so we developed a software download site

are some of their own a little bit put it up, no acquisition, because no money, just hotlinking free network hard disk or put up for download, ha ha. Feel good, I finally can do, then I will continue to explore, although there has been found on the web, but no money, how to make money? I am a confused, but my understanding is relatively high, after painstaking research, found that the alliance is also good, put ads, although not a lot of money, but at least do not lose money. Then I built it built, built to delete, delete, finally several websites I built up, a self 3dsdesk network (www.3dsdesk.com), because I was doing the film, do three-dimensional, so now open this website I also considered, there is a recent just video tutorial (www.spjc8.cn), also engage in the download, no money to buy so much space on the use of free network hard disk, who called me so poor.. read more

The prospect of local gateway is bright and the road is rough Talking about the operation of loca

recently the use of spare time to do local portal station – Shiyan life network (www.0719sh.com), the first time since the operation of the local portal site, so start on the Internet to find a lot about the local portal website operation methods and strategies, see a lot of personal Adsense operation place portal method and operation strategy, development the prospect of person to local portal site operators and local portals have little insights brought to share.

with Dangdang, Youku, Mcglaughlin have been listed, PPLIVE financing $250 million, six financing $one hundred million, Qihoo 360 in the United States, more than the stock of the Sohu, the major portals have investment and venture capital group purchase and so on, making the Internet capital operation has reached the climax after the 2008 economic crisis, the Internet market has no shortage of funds missing is to let investors see the prospects and future projects.

local portal site to meet the VCs on the prospects and future needs, but want to get VCs favor is not so simple, as personal webmaster how to operate a local portal site read more