BC Transit to move towards fully electric provincial fleet

first_img“British Columbia’s largest and fastest-growing source of carbon pollution is the transportation sector. Changing that trend will be a challenge, but it’s also a tremendous opportunity. Many of the actions we need to take to reduce carbon emissions – such as encouraging people to choose transit over their personal vehicles and moving to a fully electric fleet – are the exact same measures that will get us out of gridlock and make our neighbourhoods more liveable, now and for future generations.”BC Transit plans to start buying only electric heavy-duty buses in 2023, with a target of creating a fully electric provincial fleet in all vehicle classifications by 2040.For more information on the fleet change, you can visit BC Transit’s website. VICTORIA, B.C. – BC Transit is introducing its plan to move towards a fully electric provincial fleet.According to BC Transit, the low carbon fleet program aligns with the Province’s CleanBC plan and supports greenhouse gas and climate action goals.Claire Trevena, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, says the transportation sector is the province’s largest pollution generator and that the Province will be taking measures to reduce pollution by introducing an electric fleet.last_img read more

Hillcountry Tamils dont want to be called Indian Tamils

Meanwhile, the Kandy Forum, a body of Muslim intellectuals, has also expressed its opposition to the merger of the two Provinces.At the same time, it has also termed the demand for a non-contiguous separate Muslim territory in the East as “politically and pragmatically not suitable” to the needs of the community. Such a demand would only “further complicate the existing ethnic problem”. Highlighting the issue of identity, a report prepared by experts on the initiative of the Tamil Progressive Alliance, a coalition of three parties representing the hill=country Tamils, has suggested that the community be called “Indian-Origin Malayaha Thamilar (IOMT).” The experts, who include P. Muthulingam, the head of the Kandy-based Institute for Social Development, also talk of creating a district by re-organising the existing district of Nuwera Eliya (Central Province) and linking it with other contiguously-located areas of other districts where IOMTs have higher concentration. [Throughout Sri Lanka, these Tamils constitute 4.1 per cent, a figure disputed in certain quarters]. The report also suggests the establishment of non-territorial council for IOMTs, consisting of elected and nominated representatives of the community.On the contentious issue of merger of the Northern and Eastern Provinces, the document is for retaining the present structure of nine Provinces, which means that it does not favour the merger. As for the adoption of federalism, another long-standing demand of Tamils in the North and the East, the document describes Sri Lanka as “a union of Provinces/regions”, while seeking maximum devolution. Hill-country Tamils in Sri Lanka do not want to be called “Indian Tamils” anymore. This nomenclature of theirs has been “a source of political and administrative discrimination and social antipathy”, besides carrying a “historical baggage.”Making use of the ongoing process of constitutional reforms, the community wants the issue of identity to be resolved. It is particular that its identity should refer, wholly or partially, to a territory in Sri Lanka, even though certain sections of the community are not in favour of disowning their roots completely, The Hindu newspaper reported. read more

As peace in Angola paves way for aid access UN finds severe

“We are finding people suffering extreme hunger and malnutrition in the interior of the country,” said Ronald Sibanda, WFP Country Director for Angola. “WFP is already making arrangements to start feeding programmes in new areas.”Last week, the agency trucked food aid along 130 kilometres of precarious roads from Huambo to the remote village of Bunjei, where it said a “frantic” crowd of more than 10,000 people greeted the convoy. That was first aid to the area’s people, who for the past four years have been avoiding fighting by hiding in the countryside, many dying of hunger-related diseases.While welcoming its expanded ability to provide emergency assistance to thousands of needy internally displaced people, WFP warned that stocks in Angola are reaching “dangerously low” levels.”We have no choice but to reduce rations for some groups of people to make sure we can feed others who are more desperate,” said Mr. Sibanda. “It is absolutely vital that new donations are made urgently.”WFP, which needs $52 million for the next six months, warned that with the present stock levels, essential food commodities would start to run out in June and July, and by September, there will be no food available. read more

UN envoy warns Security Council that Kosovo still faces serious problems

Video of Security Council meeting During a briefing to the Council in New York, Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s Special Representative for Kosovo, Harri Holkeri, urged Kosovo’s leaders to do more to discourage inter-ethnic violence and to improve dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia and Montenegro.Noting that Serbia and Montenegro continued to operate parallel courts and coordinating structures in Kosovo, he said: “Belgrade must work with Kosovo structures and replace this unacceptable policy with a commitment to truly multi-ethnic organs of government in Kosovo.”But Mr. Holkeri also said that Kosovo Albanian leaders in Pristina must stop making their participation in any talks conditional on changes to government structures and the setting up of new ministries.”Such bargaining is not acceptable. Dialogue is one of the standards approved by the Security Council,” he stressed.Many refugees, especially from minority communities, remain afraid to return to their homes because of ethnic violence, he said.According to the envoy, the unemployment rate in Kosovo is about 57 per cent, and the public is becoming frustrated with the government’s inability to reduce the rate.But he said Kosovo’s economy is showing signs of progress, and welcomed the government’s agreement to resolve problems with the electricity supply.Mr. Holkeri said firm commitment is needed from all parties, including the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), to ensure that the situation improves.”The short-to-medium term outlook for Kosovo is uncertain, but the strong desire of Kosovo’s people to live in a peaceful, stable, lawful society is crystal clear.” read more

Security Council urges action against human trafficking sexual abuse by ISIL and

Yury Fedotov (shown on screens), Executive Director of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), briefs the Security Council via video teleconference during its meeting on human trafficking in situations of conflict. UN Photo/Rick Bajornas Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson greets Nadia Murad Basee Taha, a 21-year-old Iraqi woman of the Yazidi faith and a victim of abduction and torture by the terrorist group Islamic State, as Ambassador Samantha Power (second left) looks on. UN Photo/Rick Bajornas Ambassador Samantha Power of the USA and Council President for December, greets Nadia Murad Basee Taha, a 21-year-old Iraqi woman of the Yazidi faith and a victim of abduction and torture by the terrorist group Islamic State, at the meeting. UN Photo/Rick Bajornas Nadia Murad Basee Taha (second left), a 21-year-old Iraqi woman of the Yazidi faith and a victim of abduction and torture by the terrorist group Islamic State, at the Security Council meeting on human trafficking in situations of conflict. UN Photo/Rick Bajornas “The Security Council notes the particular impact that trafficking in persons in situations of armed conflict has on women and children, including increasing their vulnerability to sexual and gender based violence,” the 15-member body said in a Presidential Statement adopted during a discussion on human trafficking in situations of conflict.It referred specifically to ISIL’s trafficking in Yazidis and its abuse of international humanitarian law and human rights, as well as such violations by the LRA in central Africa and the Nigerian-based Islamist Boko Haram group “for the purpose of sexual slavery, sexual exploitation and forced labour,” saying such actions in armed conflict may constitute war crimes.“Let us first be clear what we are discussing today: human trafficking is slavery in the modern age,” UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson told the Council. “Slavery is not just a past abomination. Millions of people are living as slaves or in slave-like conditions as we speak today, in the year 2015.“Most of those trafficked are vulnerable women and children deceived or abducted into a life of suffering, exploitation, torture and servitude. This ruthless practice has become a global industry and it must be stopped,” he said, also noting that thousands of men and boys have been forcibly conscripted by the LRA.“There are more people displaced today than at any time since the Second World War. Millions more are caught up in conflict, unable to flee. These human beings are exposed to a wide range of human rights violations, not least trafficking. They are sold, they are trafficked for sexual enslavement, for prostitution, for illegal adoption, for slave labour, for criminality or recruitment as child soldiers.” Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson addresses the Security Council meeting on human trafficking in situations of conflict. UN Photo/Rick Bajornas ‹ ›The Council statement called on Member States to fully implement all relevant resolutions, to improve implementation of applicable legal obligations to criminalize, prevent, and otherwise combat trafficking in persons, and to ratify the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and its Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children.“Horrifying tales have emerged of how women and children are treated in captivity,” Mr. Eliasson continued, stressing that their ordeal does not end once they are freed. “Even when captivity ends, suffering continues. Indeed, the scars of such violence last a lifetime.” “Victims, fortunate enough to be freed, need assistance to regain their rights and dignity to reintegrate into society. They must be given a chance to take back their lives and build new futures,” he added, urging Member States and others, to contribute to UN Trust Fund for the Victims of Trafficking in Persons. A wide view of the Security Council meeting on human trafficking in situations of conflict. UN Photo/Rick Bajornas ick Grono, CEO of the Freedom Fund, addresses the Security Council meeting on human trafficking in situations of conflict. UN Photo/Rick Bajornas Nadia Murad Basee Taha, a 21-year-old Iraqi woman of the Yazidi faith and a victim of abduction and torture by the terrorist group Islamic State, during the Security Council meeting on human trafficking in situations of conflict. UN Photo/Rick Bajornas read more

LeBron Led The Cavs On One Of The Greatest Playoff Runs In

There were many bits of history on the line in Sunday’s NBA Finals Game 7 — among them, the city of Cleveland’s nearly 52-year-old championship curse (now broken), the all-time rank of the 73-win Golden State Warriors (probably not No. 1), and LeBron James’s case as G.O.A.T. (maybe?). So after a night in which the specter of the past hovered just about everywhere, let’s put in perspective how the Cavaliers made history in winning the 2016 NBA title.First, they became only the fourth team in NBA history to win a title after replacing its coach mid-season, having ousted David Blatt in favor of Tyronn Lue in January. As my colleague Nate Silver noted at the time, Cleveland’s case was especially unusual because the Cavs under Blatt were not playing badly — they had by far the top Elo rating of any team to fire its coach during a season — and weren’t undershooting their preseason Vegas expectations — usually a key indicator for coaching job security. But in the end, the Cavs rounded into better playoff form under Lue than they had under Blatt the year before.After accounting for strength of schedule, we find that Lue navigated Cleveland through one of history’s great playoff journeys. If we use pre-series Elo ratings to judge the difficulty of a team’s postseason path and weight its opponent-adjusted scoring margin by the importance of each game, the 2016 Cavaliers’ run ranks as the fifth-best by an NBA champion since 1984:1The season the NBA adopted its current playoff structure. YEARTEAMOPP.PRE-SERIES WIN PROBABILITY (ELO) Shaquille O’Neal2002436.363.612.33.832.2 RANKYEARCHAMPIONGAMESMARGIN OF VICTORYSTRENGTH OF SCHEDULERATING 101992Chicago Bulls22+7.1+6.0+13.0 91998Chicago Bulls21+6.9+7.3+14.2 Strength of schedule was determined using the pre-series Elo ratings of a team’s opponents. Games were weighted according to how much they swung each team’s title odds.Source: Basketball-Reference.com 262007San Antonio Spurs20+5.3+4.3+9.6 72009Los Angeles Lakers23+8.3+6.2+14.5 Notably, the Cavs faced the most difficult schedule of any champ since 1984, granting that most of it came from facing the historically great Warriors in the Finals (which, by definition, contains the most important games of the season). And by the numbers, Cleveland pulled off a colossal upset against Golden State: the second-biggest in a Finals since 1984, according to the pre-series Elo ratings. 131990Detroit Pistons20+7.0+5.0+12.0 42001Los Angeles Lakers16+10.0+4.9+14.9 Michael Jordan1993641. 61986Boston Celtics18+10.8+3.8+14.5 Dwyane Wade2006634.757.27.83.826.9 142004Detroit Pistons23+7.2+4.6+11.8 152012Miami Heat23+6.6+5.1+11.7 2006MIADAL23.8% Shaquille O’Neal2001533.057.515.84.829.1 171987Los Angeles Lakers18+8.4+3.0+11.4 182003San Antonio Spurs24+6.2+5.2+11.4 LeBron James2016729.756.211.38.927.7 1995HOUORL47.6 Game Scores were adjusted to a pace of 100 possessions per game.Source: Basketball-Reference.com 111985Los Angeles Lakers19+7.1+5.4+12.5 1988LALDET44.4 242010Los Angeles Lakers23+4.5+5.4+9.9 251995Houston Rockets22+3.4+6.5+9.9 For his NBA Finals career, James also ranks third since 1983 in average Game Score, behind Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal. And beyond the Finals, LeBron now ranks shockingly high in a variety of advanced statistical categories: He’s No. 1 in lifetime Box Plus/Minus (both for the regular-season and playoffs, although both stats extend back only to 1974) and its value-based offshoot VORP (again, both regular-season and playoffs); No. 1 in playoff career Win Shares; No. 2 — trailing only Jordan — in lifetime regular-season Player Efficiency Rating; and No. 3 (behind MJ and George Mikan) in the playoffs.In short, it’s a statistical legacy unmatched by basically everyone in NBA history except Jordan. And although James’s championship tally will probably never reach MJ’s level, he achieved a measure of immortality among the “Count the Rings” crowd on Sunday night.Finally, the 2016 Cavaliers officially proved that God Doesn’t Hate Cleveland. I wrote that story more than two years ago; for most of the time since, the city continued to be plagued with its typical amalgamation of terrible management and disappointing play. Even I was beginning to doubt that the curse would ever be lifted, statistics be damned. But with a once-in-a-generation player leading a playoff run for the ages, the Cavs have validated the faith of their city’s long-suffering fans.Andrew Flowers contributed research. 282013Miami Heat23+3.9+4.5+8.4 292005San Antonio Spurs23+2.1+5.3+7.4 2016CLEGS27.4 311984Boston Celtics23+3.8+3.0+6.8 31991Chicago Bulls17+10.5+5.2+15.7 PLAYERYEARGAMESPTS/GTS%REB/GAST/GGAME SCORE/G 222002Los Angeles Lakers19+4.6+6.1+10.7 2011DALMIA44.1 2008BOSLAL39.2 331988Los Angeles Lakers24+2.0+4.2+6.2 201999San Antonio Spurs17+6.8+3.9+10.7 302000Los Angeles Lakers23+2.6+4.3+6.9 2012MIAOKC30.8 232006Miami Heat23+4.0+6.1+10.1 21996Chicago Bulls18+11.0+5.2+16.2 Best statistical NBA Finals performances since 1983 12014San Antonio Spurs23+12.9+4.5+17.4 192011Dallas Mavericks21+4.3+6.9+11.2 211989Detroit Pistons17+6.5+4.2+10.7 Michael Jordan1992635.861.74.86.526.7 The Warriors have not been themselves since Stephen Curry’s injury in late April, so maybe the magnitude of Cleveland’s upset is overstated by Elo. (Lending some credence to this idea is … Elo itself, which now considers the Cavs to be the best team in the NBA.) But still, beating the team that broke the all-time league wins record in a do-or-die Game 7 on its own home court — where favorites tend to be nearly invulnerable — gives the Cavs’ run special place in NBA history.We also have to discuss James, who shook off whatever doubt remained about his primacy in his era. James capped off the third-best individual playoff run since 1974 according to Value Over Replacement Player (VORP) and averaged the seventh-highest Game Score in an NBA Finals since 1983:2The earliest season for which Basketball-Reference.com’s game-by-game NBA Finals data contains offensive and defensive rebounds, steals and blocks. SERIES AVERAGES Magic Johnson1987626. Michael Jordan1991531.261.26.611.432.8 The best NBA championship runs since 1984 161997Chicago Bulls19+4.0+7.4+11.5 VIDEO: The greatness of LeBron James 82015Golden State Warriors21+8.4+6.1+14.5 321994Houston Rockets23+2.2+4.6+6.8 52016Cleveland Cavaliers21+6.1+8.6+14.7 1998CHIUTA45.1 Shaquille O’Neal2000638.057.616.72.332.0 2004DETLAL40.5 Biggest Finals upsets since 1984 Michael Jordan1997632.353. 271993Chicago Bulls19+2.9+5.7+8.6 122008Boston Celtics26+7.4+4.7+12.1 read more

Commodore Nick CookePriest resigns from Navy after being removed from command of

HMS Queen Elizabeth Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The Royal Navy officer removed from command of HMS Queen Elizabeth after being accused of misusing the ship’s car has resigned, The Telegraph understands. Commodore Nick Cooke-Priest was stripped of his command of the fleet’s newest aircraft carrier in May over a claim that he treated the Ford Galaxy “like it was his own”. After a farcical fall-out with the Royal Navy’s senior echelons, it is understood the Commodore has now handed in his notice.In line with all military officer commissions, Cdre Cooke-Priest will have a one-year notice period. However, it is unlikely he will serve much, if any, of this once his leave entitlements and periods of resettlement are taken into account. If there are a few weeks outstanding, once the individuals specific leave entitlements are calculated, it is normal practice for service personnel to be allowed to stay at home and concentrate on transitioning back into civilian life – known as ‘gardening leave’ – rather than expect them to take on a new job for a short period of time. The Telegraph understands that as well as being removed from command of Britain’s newest aircraft carrier, Cdre Cooke-Priest received a written censure over the episode. However, it is thought the loss of command and the expectation that this would mean future advancement in the Royal Navy would be extremely unlikely, rather than the written censure, was the reason for his resignation.  Commodore Nick Cooke-Priest has been stripped of his command Credit:PA Commodore Nick Cooke-Priest has been stripped of his command  HMS Queen Elizabeth A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: “We do not comment on personnel matters, we can only confirm that management action regarding Cdre Nick Cooke-Priest has been completed and the matter is resolved. “Any further decisions are a matter for the individual.”A friend told The Sun: “Nick has enjoyed an outstandingly diverse career in the Royal Navy but recent events have forced him to take stock. It’s time to take this experience into a second career.” Cooke-Priest specialised as a Lynx helicopter observer after joining the Royal Navy. A decade of flying appointments followed, primarily at sea, and included an instructional tour and as Flight Commander of HMS Exeter. The captain’s dismissal turned into farce last month when it was announced that he would still take the helm of the ship to sail from Rosyth to Portsmouth, only for that decision to be quickly reversed by the Royal Navy and the captain flown off the ship. Cdre Cooke-Priest was reprimanded after he allowed his wife to use the ship’s vehicle for personal trips including the school run, The Telegraph understands.Commodore Cooke-Priest, who joined the Royal Navy in 1990, had only been in command of the 280-metre, 65,000-tonne vessel, described by the Royal Navy as an “awe-inspiring warship” capable of carrying up to 40 aircraft, since last October.He was never warned that using the Ford Galaxy for personal journeys was in breach of rules, The Sun reports. He was promoted to Commander in 2009 and that year in HMS Kent escorted the Queen during a royal tour.On HMS Iron Duke, he was deployed to the Arabian Gulf and in 2011 to Libya as part of Operation Ellamy.Assuming command of HMS Bulwark, the Fleet Flag Ship, in January 2015 and leading the UK’s contribution to the Gallipoli centenary commemorations in the same year are other highlights of his successful career.He is a married father of three sons and was awarded an OBE in 2016. read more

52yo technician assaulted robbed by armed bandits at Meadowbrook Drive

A 52-year-old maintenance technician was on Monday night robbed of his motorcycle, among other valuables, when he was attacked by two gunmen while making his way home.Kurt Garner of Meadowbrook Drive, Georgetown was attacked just before midnight by the two men who were reportedly armed with handguns.INews understands that Garner was pushing his motorcycle into his yard when the men approached him from behind.They reportedly held him at gunpoint and demanded that he hand over the keys to his cycle and also ordered that he hand over his valuables.The victim however, did not comply which resulted in the bandits assaulting him before pushing him into his yard to lay on the ground, where they then reportedly lashed him to his face.A round was also discharged into the air by one of the perpetrators who then took away the motorcycle keys, two cellphones and $10,000 in cash.The bandits then made good their escape East along the Meadowbrook Drive.A report was made at the East La Penitence Police Station and an investigation has since been launched. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedMan robbed on Thomas St by armed duo who also wanted his motorcycleJuly 19, 2018In “Crime”Welfare officer robbed of motorcycle by armed duoFebruary 26, 2018In “Crime”Enmore father of 2 trailed from bank, shot, robbed by armed banditsFebruary 21, 2018In “Crime” read more

Much iron ore news but burgeoning metal prices allow projects to blossom

first_imgLatest issue of International Mining Project News available (September 11): There has been an influx of iron ore news in the last fortnight with this issue covering reports from 15 prospective projects. Gindalbie Metals has received final state environmental approval for its Karara project in Western Australia; FerrAus has executed two binding agreements with China Railway Materials for development of its East Pilbara iron ore projects and Northern Iron is undertaking a A$61 million equity raising for its Sydvaranger project in northern Norway. There is still some huge news in other metals though. Terrane Metals Corp has received the Mines Act Permit for its Mt Milligan copper-gold project in Canada; Paladin Energy has outlined its expansion plans at the Langer Heinrich mine in Namibia; Cougar Energy has taken part in a capital raising and share placement to develop its Kingaroy underground coal gasification (UCG) project in Queensland; and Barrick Gold has signed an agreement with Silver Wheaton Corp to sell 25% of the life-of-mine silver production from its Pascua-Lama project on the border between Chile and Argentina (see IM June 2009, pp 52-53 for more info). In more iron ore news, Atlas Iron has signed a landmark Native Title Mining Agreement with the Kariyarra people in the Pilbara. This is an important milestone for the company’s Wodgina project and will provide enterprise opportunities for the indigenous community, preserving cultural values in the region and minimising any impact on the environment. Still in the Pilbara, Iron Ore Holdings has details of its exploration and operation activities at its Iron Valley project. Ongoing drilling is continuing to test depth and strike extensions and aggressive exploration, including a total of 44 holes (4,000 m), is also being undertaken to increase the resource base. This is all part of the company’s strategy to fast track Iron Valley into early production.The recent news of the engineering prefeasibility study being awarded to Sinclair Knight Mertz for new port facilities at Port Hedland in Western Australia has been met positively by North West Iron Ore Alliance (NWIOA) members. Brockman Resources (one of four members of the NWIOA) sees it as “compelling evidence that Western Australia’s next generation of iron ore miners would soon have their own port.” The study is due to be completed at the end of this year, whilst construction of the port is scheduled for completion in 2013. Brockman’s own Marillana project in the heart of the Pilbara is set to benefit from the port development. The operation, according to the company, has the potential to produce in excess of 950 Mt of iron ore grading 57.4-60% Fe.  Murchison Metals and Crossland Resources also have some positive news on their Jack Hills iron ore project in Western Australia. Crossland, after reporting early drill results from the A$23 million, 70,000 m drill program, is targeting an additional 400 to 1,000 Mt of primary beneficiation feed ore (BFO), with a component of direct shipping ore (DSO). If fully realised, the additional exploration targets would lift the project size to between 1,500 – 2,100 Mt with further exploration targets to come.Moving away from iron ore, Avalon Minerals has successfully undertaken a share placement to raise $1.3 million. The proceeds will enable the company to complete an RC and diamond drilling program at Viscaria, an application for a mining concession at the project tenements and progressing the feasibility and de-watering studies. The mine, located in the Norrboten area of northern Sweden, has JORC code resources of 39.9 Mt of copper mineralisation. In coal, Cougar Energy’s successful capital raising and share placement will result in proceeds of A$14.29 million for the Kingaroy UCG project in Australia to be used in the construction and operation of the project’s pre-production facility in Queensland and forward design items for the operation’s power plant. Terrane Metals Corp’s permit news follows a comprehensive and detailed review led by the Mining and Minerals Division of the British Columbia Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources. The permit will allow the company to proceed with the project awaiting further approvals that are expected in the last quarter of this year. Mt. Milligan (British Columbia) contains Proven and Probable reserves of 334 Mt averaging at 0.217% Cu and 0.428 g/t Au containing 1,600 MIb of copper and 4.6 Moz of gold. The near-surface and tabular configuration of the reserves make them well-suited to low unit cost open-pit development at the life-of-mine waste/ore ratio of 0.82/1.In Namibia, Paladin Energy is expecting construction at the Langer Heinrich uranium project to commence late this year. The third stage expansion will help the company reach its target of ramping up to 5 MIb of U3O8/y by the end of next year. Paladin’s Managing Director, John Borshoff said the project is expected to reach nameplate production of 3.7 MIb/y U3O8 this month from 2.6 MIb/y currently, following commissioning of the completed $55 million stage two expansion in July. Borshoff: “The new expanded mine plan integrates the increased 164 Mlb (66 Mlb reserves) resource base for Langer Heinrich and this will help deliver a sustainable longer mine life for this flagship asset.”In addition, there are reports on Antofagasta’s Antucoya copper project in Chile and Iamgold’s Essakane project in Burkina Faso, in addition to many more reports. To receive the full 45+ page report, subscriptions to this service can be registered and paid for on-line (SUBSCRIBE TO IM PROJECT NEWS BUTTON), or contact emma@im-mining.com for a free trial copy.last_img read more

The 9 at 9 Friday

first_imgEVERY MORNING,TheJournal.ie brings you nine things you need to know with your morning cup of coffee.1. #EU SUMMIT: European Union leaders have agreed to create a single supervisory for banks in countries that use the euro though they have not confirmed when the banking union would become fully operational. French President Francois Hollande welcomed the decision saying the union would protect “all countries touched by the virus of bank failures”, AP reports.2. #CATHERING GOWING: As the search continues in Wales for Irish woman Catherine Gowing, it is reported that a partial text message from the woman’s phone was sent to a colleague over the weekend she disappeared. Police are still questioning a 46-year-old man who is known to Catherine and frequented the village where she lives in New Brighton.3.#NOVICE: Newly qualified drivers will be required to display an ‘N’ for ‘novice’ plate for two years after passing their test under new driving laws, the Irish Independent reports. The stricter rules for new drivers, due to become law next summer, will also see the number of points learner drivers can rack up before they are banned for six months halved.4. #HSE: The HSE recorded a financial deficit of over €400 million to the end of August, according to its latest financial report, the Irish Times reports. The report shows Beaumont Hospital in Dublin had the largest deficit in the hospital sector running at nearly €20 million.5.#CHILD BENEFIT: A new opinion poll shows overwhelming support among voters for means testing child benefit payments with some 71 per cent in favour. The IPSOS/MRBI poll in today’s Irish Times also shows satisfaction with Minister for Social Protection is high at 44 per cent while Health Minster James Reilly had a satisfaction rating of just 13 per cent.6. #QUINN: Later this morning a high court judge will consider whether businessman Seán Quinn and his son have done enough to comply with court orders to stay out of prison, RTE reports. Both men were found guilty of contempt in June and Quinn Jr was given a three month sentence which was upheld by the Supreme Court on Wednesday.7. #WAITING LISTS: Health Minister James Reilly has welcomed the fact that 70 per cent of hospitals have reached a waiting list target. Figures released yesterday show some 360,000 people are waiting for out patient appointments and Reilly has set a target that by the end of next year, no out patient will be waiting for treatment for more than 12 months.8. #PRIZES: The highest court of the European Union has ruled that marketers can no longer contact customers to say they have “won” a prize only to have them to pay a fee to collect their winnings. The EU Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling follows the UK’s Office of Fair Trading suing five companies for using mail-marketing tactics in violation of consumer protection laws.9. #US 2012: US presidential candidates took a break from combat last night as they traded jokes at a fancy New York dinner, AP reports. Republican nominee Mitt Romney even poked fun at his own wealth saying; “A campaign can require a lot of wardrobe changes: blue jeans in the morning perhaps, a suit for a lunch fundraiser, a sport coat for dinner. But it’s nice to finally relax and to wear what Ann and I wear around the house.”NEW! The Dregde: Who’s FINALLY getting married? – The day’s best celebrity dirt over on The Daily Edge>last_img read more

Norwegian engineer builds working Transformer robot MorpHex

first_imgTo use a popular ’80’s cliche, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to the robot pictured above. Named “MorpHex” by its creator, Norwegian engineer Kare Halvorsen, the morphing hexapod hides in plain sight as a harmless looking ball, only to transform into a six-legged robot that responds to its operators commands via remote control. Reminiscent of the robots from the popular Transformers franchise, the only thing MorpHex is missing is a high powered laser weapon to do epic battle with the Decepticons over energon cubes.Halvorsen had a vision for a transforming hexapod for a long time before he started the building process of MorpHex. Using a world globe that he bought at Toys R’ Us for the body, Halvorsen stripped the plastic of the geographical stickers, then split the sphere in half. Each half he then cut into six sections each to make the outer shell that enables the robot to become a ball.Trying to keep the robot as light and flexible as possible, Halvorsen decided to use one main digital servo to provide the central axis for the rest of the robot to work with. Connected to this central hub are twelve robotic limbs that can operate on their own or in a linked fashion to enable to the robot to walk. The top 6 are used to form the “head”, with the bottom serving as the feet that provide locomotion for the machine.For a main board, MorpHex uses a Basicmicro ARC-32 board that is connected to a radio receiver for remote control. Right now, the ball is capable of transforming from a ball and back, and walking in all directions. Halvorsen has not programmed it to be able to roll when in ball form as of yet, but he says that it’s next on the list of functionality for the machine. You can watch a video of MorpHex in action below, as well as a link to the build process.Read more at Hexapodrobotlast_img read more

Skype horslaloi en France

first_imgSkype hors-la-loi en France ?Le site de téléphonie par Internet, déjà épinglé à propos de son statut en 2007 par l’Arcep, le régulateur des télécoms, pourrait être de nouveau inquiété au moment où il va être introduit en bourse…Skype va-t-il être poursuivi par la justice ? Selon L’Express, cette possibilité existe bel et bien. Le service de téléphonie par Internet (VoIP) voit ainsi une affaire vieille de 2007 refaire surface. A l’époque, le gendarme français des Télécoms, l’Arcep, avait saisi le procureur de la République à propos du statut de l’entreprise. Cette dernière se qualifie d’éditeur de logiciels, ce qui n’est pas vraiment de l’avis de l’Arcep qui qualifie Skype d’opérateur de télécommunications, et donc soumis à des règles bien précises…Or aucune de ces règles, comme permettre les interceptions des appels suite à une décision judiciaire, acheminer des appels d’urgence ou encore participer au financement du service universel, n’ont été respectées. En n’adoptant pas ce statut, Skype réalise des économies substantielles mais se voit sous la menace d’une condamnation judiciaire, une menace à laquelle le site avait échappé à l’époque en délocalisant ses bureaux au Luxembourg. Mais sa future introduction en bourse pose de nouveau ce problème, en France et dans d’autres pays, le gendarmes américain de la bourse (SEC) estimant que ce litige au niveau de son statut pourrait avoir des conséquences sur la valorisation du titre qui pourrait être revue à la baisse. Le 23 février 2011 à 12:28 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Iphone 5 Florilège de rumeurs à 24 heures de la Keynote dApple

first_imgIphone 5 : Florilège de rumeurs à 24 heures de la Keynote d’AppleMaudit par ses détracteurs, adulé par les fans de la firme à la Pomme… Jamais un produit n’avait fait couler autant de bits sur la Toile, et ce avant même sa sortie. A 24 heures de la keynote d’Apple, il est tant de faire le point.Pas besoin d’une boule de cristal, d’un pendule ou d’un algorithme prédisant le futur… La star de la rentrée, c’est bien lui : L’Iphone 5.Depuis les prémices de l’annonce de sa sortie jusqu’à aujourd’hui, nombre d’actions et de réactions se sont succedées sur la Toile. Comme dans un film noir, les rumeurs autour du produit phare d’Apple ont commencé dans un bar, exactement de la même manière que pour l’Iphone 4 (et pourtant on dit que la foudre ne tombe jamais deux fois au même endroit). Les premières informations techniques filtrent sur la future star de votre sac (écran compris entre 3,5 et 3,7 pouces, coque en métal), le Wall Street Journal affirme, lui, l’apparition d’un module apn avec capteur de 8 Mpixels. À lire aussiiPad Air 2 : Keynote confirmée, tout ce que l’on sait sur la future tablette AppleLa mi-septembre ne fut pas une période de calme, non plus : appareil en précommande en Allemagne, puis chez Orange, dont la “gaffe” du Président ressemblait plus à une opération de communication qu’à une maladresse. D’ailleurs, Stéphane Richard n’a pas hésité a donné d’autres “informations” concernant l’Iphone 5 : un smartphone plus fin et plus petit que le modèle actuel. Une nouvelle “affaire de coque” plus tard, la rumeur d’une annonce tendant à la présentation de l’Iphone 5 ou de l’Iphone 4S surgissait sur le Net. Mais certaines rumeurs restent dans le cyber-espace, et ne se démentent toujours pas : Le futur téléphone disposerait de la puce A5 de la firme, serait plus large, et disposerait, encore une fois, de ce fameux capteur de 8 Mpixels. Quant à l’éventualité de disparition de certains ipods au profit du téléphone, mystère.L’annonce officielle de la Keynote arrivée, ce fut au tour des concurrents de réagir. Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, et, dernièrement, Nokia… Tous entrent dans la partie de ce poker menteur.Le prototype de Ben Miller, avec son écran 4 pouces et une zone tactile remplaçant le bouton physique de menu ne sera qu’un dernier exutoire à fantasmes : fondé sur les dernières rumeurs à la mode, il matérialise le chant du cygne de la rumeur… Pour passer la main au champ d’action de la présentation du futur Iphone. La grande messe aura lieu en présence de Steve Jobs, toujours présent pour les moments d’exception d’Apple.Le 3 octobre 2011 à 20:38 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Investigators look at engine wear and tear in jet tragedy

first_imgPHILADELPHIA — The investigation into a deadly engine failure on a Southwest jet is focusing on whether wear and tear caused a fan blade to snap off, triggering a catastrophic chain of events that killed a passenger and broke a string of eight years without a fatal accident involving a U.S. airliner.From investigators’ initial findings, the accident appears remarkably similar to a failure on another Southwest plane two years ago — an event that led the engine manufacturer and regulators to push for ultrasonic inspections of fan blades on engines like the one that blew apart at 32,500 feet over Pennsylvania on Tuesday.When investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board examined the broken engine in Philadelphia just hours after it made an emergency landing, they immediately saw that one of the left engine’s 24 fan blades was missing.“This fan blade was broken right at the hub, and our preliminary examination of this was there is evidence of metal fatigue where the blade separated,” said NTSB chairman Robert Sumwalt.Metal fatigue is a weakening of metal from repeated use and involves microscopic cracks. It can occur in fan blades, the aluminum skin on most planes, or other metal parts.last_img read more

National Security Partners with Community Organizations and UB as Well as Other

first_img Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Bahamas, February 12, 2018 – Nassau – Minister of National Security the Hon. Marvin Dames, said as it related to gangs and gang violence, his Ministry has partnered with Dr. David Allen and his team of experts of the ‘People Helping People’ programme.“Dr. Allen described one of the causes of violence as the Social Fragmentation Process which he explained is manifested through revenge, which results in the disintegration of the family, and the development of youth gangs and violence,” Minister Dames said at a meeting of the Rotary Club of East Nassau, at the Nassau Yacht Club on Friday.Since nearly 50 per cent of murders involve conflict, our intervention in the lives of troubled young males in particular is targeted to prevent them from becoming socially fragmented from society,” he added. “Dr. Allen’s programme ideally extends into our schools and will also focus on the myriad of issues facing our youngsters including bullying and cyber bullying.”Turning to domestic violence, Minister Dames pointed out that his Ministry was partnering with Dr. Sandra Dean-Patterson of the Crisis Centre, where many programmes are in place to address domestic violence matters in the country along with those he mentioned before from the Citizen Security and Justice Programme.“Another proactive approach that your Government has undertaken to keep peace in our communities is the establishment of an inter-ministerial committee consisting of National Security, Ministers of Labour, Education, Youth Sports & Culture, Social Services, Public Works, and the Attorney General to address crime challenges and bring greater degree of focus to causes of crime,” he said.“Ladies and gentlemen, turning understanding into action is the challenge and requires all stakeholders, all Bahamians to play an individual role to reduce the scourge of crime,” Minister Dames noted.   “I also invite the think tanks especially the University of The Bahamas: The sociologists, psychologists, anthropologists, and many others to assist us in researching and identifying the social elements that contribute to the root cause of criminal activity from a scientific perspective devoid of any partisan involvement so that together we may to formalize additional strategies to see how they can be adapted to The Bahamas.”Minister Dames reassured those in attendance that the Government considers crime a serious threat to The Bahamas’ national security, economic development, and social way of life.“We will not succumb to the fear of crime and we will vigorously pursue all avenues to address how conflicts are handled in our society, starting at our primary grade levels, to address this national dilemma and restore a level of peace and tranquility to our communities and neighbourhoods,” he said.“You can look forward to the Government announcing more new initiatives as we look for your total support and cooperation.”By: Eric Rose (BIS)Photo Caption: Minister of National Security the Hon. Marvin Dames (right) shakes hands with Rotary Club of East Nassau’s Past President Lindsey Cancino, as current President Hope Sealy looks on, after the Minister’s address of the club’s regular meeting on the topic “National Security Strategies for Peace and Conflict Resolution” at Nassau Yacht Club, on February 2, 2018.(BIS Photo/Eric Rose) Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

Police Woman walks into Clairemont Easter service with toddler and gun

first_img KUSI Newsroom, Police: Woman walks into Clairemont Easter service with toddler and gun April 21, 2019 Posted: April 21, 2019 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A woman walked into church services in Clairemont armed with a gun Sunday afternoon, police said.Churchgoers were able to wrest control of the weapon from the woman — who had a toddler with her at the time — and no one was hurt.The first 911 call came in at 12:02 p.m. reporting the armed woman at the Mt. Everest Academy, on Mt. Everest Avenue north of Balboa Avenue, San Diego Police Sgt. Robert Hawkins said.Easter Sunday services were being held at the school.“Members of the congregation were able to subdue her and get the gun away from her,” Hawkins said. “Police arrived moments later and were able to take her into custody.”Officers weren’t sure what the woman’s motives were. Hawkins said police were taking care of the child and the woman was being taken to county jail. Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter KUSI Newsroom last_img read more

Vehicular homicide suspects arraignment delayed

first_imgThe arraignment of a Vancouver man accused of causing a sequence of vehicle crashes that mortally injured a Camas man in December on Interstate 205 has been postponed until Friday.Joshua C. Frahm, 28, appeared in Clark County Superior Court on Wednesday with Vancouver attorney Chuck Buckley Jr., who said he was making a courtesy appearance. Buckley requested that Wednesday’s arraignment hearing be postponed to give Frahm time to finalize hiring an attorney.Frahm is charged with vehicular homicide, vehicular assault, hit-and-run injury and false reporting.Rich Irvine, 63, died Dec. 19 from injuries he sustained when he stopped on the interstate on Dec. 7 to help the victim of a hit-and-run crash. Irvine was then struck by another vehicle.Clark County Senior Deputy Prosecutor Kasey Vu added a charge of vehicular homicide against Frahm on Dec. 22.On the morning of Dec. 7, Irvine pulled his vehicle over to the right shoulder of northbound I-205 near Burton Road, got out of the vehicle and crossed the highway to help a Battle Ground man whose Honda CRV had been rear-ended by a Ford F-150 pickup. The motorist, who was driving the pickup erratically before the crash, fled the scene and later reported his truck as being stolen, according to police. Investigators later identified the motorist as Frahm. While Irvine was on the phone with 911, a Honda Odyssey minivan driven by Fredy Delacruz-Moreno, 41, of Seattle collided with the passenger side of the CRV, which was blocking part of the highway. The impact thrust the CRV into Irvine.last_img read more

National Geographic New York Lead Digital Ellies Pack

first_imgThe American Society of Magazine Editors for the first time this year will honor 37 publications for their digital initiatives. The association Wednesday unveiled the nominees for the National Magazine Awards for Digital Media—otherwise known as the Digital Ellies.Leading the pack is National Geographic with five nominations, followed by New York with four. The Atlantic and Sports Illustrated come next with three nominations each.Among the 12 awards categories are “General Excellence in Digital Media,” best “Mobile Media,” best “Digital Media Design,” and best “News Reporting.” Among the nominations were five online-only magazine brands, including Epicurious, The Daily Beast and Slate. The National Magazine Awards for Digital Media will be handed out March 18 in New York in conjunction with the Magazine Publishers of America’s Magazines 24/7: The E-Reading Revolution conference.Click here for a list on nominees.last_img

Native Municipal Leaders PotLegalization Law Could Harm Youths Communities

first_imgAlaska Native municipal leaders say a new state law that will legalize the use and sale of marijuana could damage people in communities. Last week they told an Anchorage attorney who’s researched the law that the tax it authorizes won’t raise enough money to repair that damage.Download AudioAttorney Matt Singer says he’s been getting questions from local-government officials about the new pot-legalization law. And he got a lot more from a roomful of the officials Thursday during a session sponsored by the Alaska Municipal League.Alaska Native leaders weren’t happy to hear Singer’s answer to a question on whether communities can ban the personal use of pot.“So, you cannot declare a dry village, the way you can with alcohol,” he said.North Slope Borough Assemblyman Forrest Olemaun said after the session that he and most other Native leaders oppose the law because of the damage substance abuse has inflicted on indigenous peoples.“For many years, we’ve been dealing with the social aspects of alcohol and drug abuse,’” Olemaun said. “And my concern (is) the legalization of marijuana may lead to more use, more abuse.”North Slope Borough Mayor Charlotte Brower says legalized pot could jeopardize the borough’s efforts to keep young people away from drugs so they can qualify for good-paying jobs with industries that prohibit their use.She says the borough will continue to drug test its employees and maintain a drug-free workplace.“We will continue to do that until we are forced in courts that (rule) that we are doing something illegal,” Brower said.Singer told the municipal leaders that nothing in the law will change drug-free workplace policies. But He said both public and private employers will have to make it clear to workers that the new law does not exempt them from such policies.Olemaun says he’s also concerned that the $50-per-ounce excise tax that the law requires to be levied on the sale of pot won’t raise enough money to pay for increase drug-treatment and rehabilitation that he believes will be needed.“My fear is that’s not going to be enough to deal with the negative social impacts,” he said, “and if there’ll be a mechanism in place to adequately fund agencies that are having to deal with this, whether it be state, local or tribal.”Singer says the municipal officials should be talking about that with their legislators, who can increase that tax and make other changes in the law.“Any ballot initiative can be amended by the Legislature immediately,” he said. “So the Legislature could start tinkering with this as soon as it goes into session. And the Legislature has the right to repeal, or vacate a ballot initiative after two years.”Singer said afterward that the new law raises many questions that will have to be answered by the courts.“Ballot Measure 2 marks a major change in Alaska law. And any time there’s a change, it creates uncertainty,” he said. “And so I expect there’ll be litigation, and disputes.”Singer says the litigation may delay the part of the law dealing with the production and sale of marijuana. He says the part of the law allowing personal use will go into effect by March 1st.last_img read more