Hao Peng stressed the need for mutual assistance in tackling poverty alleviation work in the forefro

recently, governor Hao Peng made a special trip to assist the fifty counties of the Autonomous Prefecture of the autonomous region of the town of ban Yan village poverty alleviation work and chaired a forum. Hao Peng stressed, should make important speech thinking and action to the general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai to take further action, great care for the General Secretary Xi to promote the transformation of poverty alleviation, more solid and more robust to precise poverty alleviation, ensure mutual county poverty alleviation work at the forefront of the province.

although very cold winter corditions, but just out of the mountains, Yan village people admitted class all my heart warm. In the morning, Hao Peng walked into the class Yan village, inspected the village water circuit, culture room, square, shops, aquaculture area shanties and other construction, and came to the village, Lv Zhiwu, Lu Shendan Pakistan home, cordial conversation with them and congratulate them xiqianxinju. The villagers told the governor, the new home furniture, electric cooker, refrigerator, doctor, school, Goods are available in all varieties., life is very convenient, but also household built a breeding shed, opened excavator, welding and other skills training…… From the mountains moved to the village, almost changed the way of living. Hao Peng is very happy, he told the villagers to drink from the source, bearing in mind the party well, Thanksgiving endeavour, and strive to create a more happy wonderfull life. read more

Huangyuan County Bureau of Commerce and industry to help farmers professional cooperatives

in recent years, Huangyuan County Administration for Industry and strengthen their functions and optimize service and guide the planting and breeding large leading enterprises and helping the development of farmers’ professional cooperatives. Up to now, the county farmer cooperatives totaled 289, a total investment of 376 million 140 thousand yuan, the development of membership of the people of 1734, led farmers to 9826.

Huangyuan County Administration for Industry and Commerce for the farmer cooperatives registered open Easy Access immediately, to meet the conditions of registration, licensing on the spot, and to choose a number of planting and breeding specialist to focus on helping. At the same time, the Bureau of industry and commerce departments give full play to contract supervision, brand protection, brokerage guidance and other functions, help farmer cooperatives, improve credit management level and market competition ability, safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. (author: Yuan Fang)
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Against fire Xining fire brigade and the fire hazards 1154

Since September 26th

cleaning fires campaign started more than two months, cleaning fires campaign achieved initial results. Up to now, the Xining fire brigade investigated 1154 fire hazards, and urge the rectification of fire hazards in the area, the temporary seizure of 41, eliminating a number of potential security risks in the world, the. In order to mobilize the masses to actively participate in cleaning fires campaign, Xining fire brigade, relying on the government website established fire hazard reporting center network, the implementation of staff acceptance, acceptance and acceptance specification language registration, verification and daily by hand, and timely feedback to the informants will check. At the same time, the establishment of reporting hotline "96119" in the campaign headquarters, set up fire risk reward fund, mobilize the masses to participate in social cleaning fires campaign.

Building a harmonious home

community to do people caring people, it is necessary to provide more convenient service to the residents of the masses. In recent years, the focus of the community work in the West District, focusing on the basic, focusing on community residents, and strive to build a harmonious community.

west area of the building of a harmonious community is composed of 21 key sectors involved, since 2011, a total investment of more than 2000 yuan upgrade of the 20 community office room; investment of more than 8000 yuan to build 20 community elderly day care centers and 5 community service centers, the community is also a set of policing electronic reading room, fitness room, housekeeping service room, the community office conditions have been greatly improved. In addition, the psychological counseling room, talk about the heart, community volunteer workstations, sunshine breakfast, for the residents of the area to provide the nearest, convenient and complete service. Reporters also learned that the west area of the various communities in "Ju" and "Ju" and other activities to create a "neighborhood culture festival", "Carnival" and "small table" and other characteristics of various types of activities, enhance the neighborhood feelings. At present the community west district has set up more than 20 elderly volunteers, 20 community neighborhood committees set up all the disabled community association and the elderly association, the introduction of various community services sunshine breakfast stores, convenience food market, Charity Supermarket, kindergarten, daycare laundry etc., were welcomed by residents. read more

Economic responsibility audit of leading cadres

city finance allocated special funds in a timely manner, on time? Whether in accordance with the approved project and the use of special purpose, whether the detention, interception, misappropriation, misappropriation of the problem? Reporters learned from the Municipal Audit Bureau, in recent years, the city vigorously carry out economic responsibility audit, supervision and promote the correct performance of leading cadres, according to the law and the right to play a positive role in the change.

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Civil service examination online registration process notes

this year, our province in the province’s civil service examination registration process, open online registration service for the first time, the applicants should register in accordance with the provisions of the process.

open the examination in 2008 the province’s director of clerks following positions of civil servants online registration process is as follows: first, candidates began in July 4, 2008, referring to the recruitment notice, recruitment information in Qinghai personnel examination network information; the second step, candidates in Qinghai examination of the personnel information network, signed a good faith commitment to the book, choose to apply for the post, fill in the basic information; the third step and submit personal registration information; the fourth step, the employing units in the applicants to submit personal registration information within 24 hours after the completion of the basic information, the examinee examination, qualification examination time is 8:30 on July 21, 2008 – July 25th 18; the fifth step, through the audit; the sixth step, the candidates at 8:30 on July 21, 2008 – July 27th 18, log in Qinghai personnel my examination of information online electronic photo (2 inch passport, JPG format, 20K Next, waiting for the audit staff review), if the photos are not qualified to upload a new photo, if qualified by ICBC Peony Money Link card payment, payment after the end of the online registration; the seventh step, from August 10, 2008 to August 15th, the candidates to the Provincial Personnel Examination Center to receive the admission ticket. read more

Municipal Health Bureau pay close attention to meticulous management services to improve the quality

City Health Bureau of the city to seriously implement the meticulous planning and construction management services to mobilize the spirit of the general assembly, quickly organized the fine management of the health system, fine service, improve the quality of health service theme activities

City Health Bureau of the city to seriously implement the meticulous planning and construction management services to mobilize the spirit of the general assembly, quickly organized the fine management of the health system, fine service, improve the quality of health service theme activities.

is a widespread mobilization. seriously study and formulate and issued implementation plan, held a mobilization meeting, the county health system, Juzhu units, all Cadres Bureau staff more than 90 people attended the meeting on the activities carried out extensive mobilization, full deployment. two is a clear mission. "program" clear the main task of the activities, including the main task of the health administrative department of fine management services is to standardize internal management, improve administrative efficiency, innovative service model, to create service brand. The main task of medical and health institutions management service is to attach great importance to promote the construction of the system, standardize medical personnel practice, strengthen the quality and safety awareness, strengthen medical quality management, improve the quality of medical service, to build a harmonious doctor-patient relationship. The main task of the public health service is to improve the public health service system, improve the ability of disease prevention and control and maternal and child health care. three is the focus. in carrying out the fine management service, we focus on a good grasp of the fine work idea, set up , master of fine work method of with fine job security three key . focus on deepening medical reform and the health work, through the development of "five fine five fine", namely exquisite technology and careful treatment and careful nursing, fine management, fine service; refinement process and refining system, detailed measures, detailed responsibilities, detailed tasks, and gradually realize the health management work by the control to process control, by the transformation from empirical management to perfect, complete and strict management measures in detail; the "five five initiative", "five smooth, five, convenient service and cozy environment, humanization service process and service process, family service commitment open and transparent service charges; active service object, the initiative for the sake the service object difficulty, active communication, and active service object to provide tracking services, the initiative to listen to the views of the service object; smooth and convenient way Referral Easy Access, to achieve seamless convergence; smooth and convenient inspection result query service, shorten the waiting time for patients; patients with smooth and convenient service channels, improve service efficiency; smooth and convenient Chinese medicine appropriate technology services, so that patients enjoy the Chinese medicine service quality and cheap; smooth and convenient medical dispute mediation channels. To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of both doctors and patients. The gradual realization of medical and health services to the quality of service from the conventional transformation, from the extensive service into a standard, standard, continuous, high-quality, efficient details of the service, and strive to establish people-oriented, service; read more

11 years of entrepreneurship to create a low carbon farm husband and wife

low carbon environmental protection project is now a hot spot, a couple with low carbon environmental protection to win the market, to find their own entrepreneurial path, to make a huge profit.

the beginning, on the hill of very difficult conditions, the couple lived in a shack, the mountain air wet quilt cover is often cold. The shortage of funds, can not afford their own workers, two people carry a hoe day after day, a sinister sun, sun, on the back of chunks of peeling, for years they didn’t work on the farm hands to grind a thick calluses. read more

Municipal Public Security Bureau of public security detachment to carry out the rectification work o

In order to solve the outstanding problems in the seal industry of our city, we should standardize the management of public security work in special industries, and ensure the correctness, validity and effectiveness of the seal

in order to solve the outstanding problems in the seal industry of our city, regulate the security management of special industries, to ensure the correctness of the seal, legitimacy, effectiveness. Recently, the security detachment held a meeting of the city’s seal industry leaders to discuss the management of the seal industry.

, after listening to the industry representatives of the public security organs in the opinion of the requirements of the seal of approval, engraving, detachment commissar Pu Zhijun informed the recent detachment to carry out inspections of the seal industry found the problem, people put forward respectively industry responsible for the seal industry management and seal approval filing problems answered patiently.

finally, the legal representative is so captains asked the seal of the company as the person who order the first responsible person of the unit, the unit to do preventive work, in strict accordance with the requirements of the public security organs to further develop, implement, and improve the management system and preventive measures; education practitioners consciously abide by state laws and regulations the supervision personnel, earnestly implement the inspection certificate and seal engraving undertake registration system, promote the healthy development of the seal industry standard management. read more

Make discipline really become a live high voltage line

 , general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the eighteenth plenary session of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on the Third Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in 14. He stressed that adhere to the party to manage the party strictly, strengthen the Party of clean government and anti-corruption work of the unified leadership, strengthen anti-corruption institutional innovation and system security, strengthen ideological and political education, strict party discipline, unremittingly to correct the four winds to maintain high vigilance against corruption, efforts to achieve progress and effectiveness of the people the masses satisfied.

High pressure situation of

formation to corrupt molecules

Xi Jinping pointed out that in 2013, the CPC Central Committee attaches great importance to anti-corruption struggle, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in accordance with the Party Central Committee decision to deploy, strengthen party discipline especially political discipline, strengthen supervision and discipline, strengthen investigating cases of corruption and other aspects of the fist hit out, forming a distinctive characteristics of the work. Through the joint efforts of Party committees and governments at all levels and the discipline inspection and supervision organs, new progress has been made in building a clean government and fighting corruption. We adhere to start from the Central Political Bureau, more vaginal discharge, played a leading role; adhere to solve the outstanding problems as the entrance, Fuzhengquxie, made significant progress; resolutely investigate and deal with cases of corruption, adhere to the "tiger", "fly", the formation of a high pressure situation of corruption; to promote the standardized operation of power, strengthen supervision, strengthen and improve inspections, smooth masses report and supervision channels, the majority of cadres and the masses to actively evaluate. read more

Establishment of clinical blood appointment system in medical institutions

provincial health and Family Planning Commission recently decided to establish a medical institutions in the province of clinical blood appointment system to further strengthen the management of clinical blood at all levels of hospital.

blood for clinical use and appointment system in strict accordance with the requirements of all levels of blood "blood station management approach", "quality management standards", conscientiously perform their duties, do a solid job of blood work, to ensure the clinical blood demand; medical institutions at all levels of blood for clinical use and appointment and related matters, by the Department of blood transfusion (blood bank) strictly according to the specific flow and blood center, blood center blood contact information; an appointment with uniqueness and traceability, blood center, blood center shall accept clinicians, nurses, patients and their families in other departments of the hospital blood appointment, each hospital shall not let the families of patients directly to the blood center, blood center blood or blood the family must by the mutual donation; Department of blood transfusion (blood bank) in coordination with the provincial blood center, blood center communication, and fill in " Mutual blood donation application form, to the provincial blood center, blood donation center blood donation points. read more

Amway Cup the first Xining civilized community Award for community good songs

"now, there are so many good people in our community, and I was moved by their spirit, singing" flowers "." November 12th, the city of Xining, North Bridge Street office Mao Sheng Temple community residents Shen Wancheng find this community liaison station, sang his "flowers" community good people sing ".

"in the community more than good, sing a good doctor, saving lives running around. Two a good husband to take care of paralyzed wife really thoughtful. Three sing a good daughter-in-law, filial piety family harmony…… Today we sing the good people, their spirit spread……" As a "flower" enthusiasts, Shen Wan said that he will use every opportunity to many streets, community singing "flowers" sing "good" community, let the residents feel the real charm of civilized community.

"this’ flower ‘, a lot of people will sing two miles." Let the music Shen million ha, "flowers", "sing" has been in good community residents sung opened. read more

Distinctive features of the party building work in the western region

It is understood that since the western city combined with the party’s mass line educational practice activities, in the region of Daxing wind project of the party construction, to consolidate the party building foundation, improve the party building service level, Party members and the masses as the theme of the brand to create each party to carry out activities such as like bamboo shoots after a spring rain show, in a good situation of high, strong vitality, effect the obvious. In the process of speeding up the economic development of the West District, the basic work of strengthening the basic level party building as the basic work of the work has been firmly in hand. Among them, the west side of the street branch of the Financial Street Branch of the party members of the party members into the community activities, to guide the party members in the service community to play a vanguard role model. District procuratorate party in the hospital to explore the implementation of AB Gang work model, so that the whole Party members and cadres to enhance the sense of serving the masses. The ancient city of Taiwan Street Lane college Party branch to party culture into building homes, buildings of the 135 party "as the carrier, give full play to the role of building the hospital party organization, by building five service platform, to improve the overall level of community party construction work. At the same time, in the process of building the district cadres training center, district organization department to make full use of this platform of region culture and Art Center, actively building positions, equipment, strong teachers, has laid a solid foundation for the grasp of the education and training of Party members. In the building of the hospital branch service center construction projects, the integration of the Main Street West Street community resources, the establishment of the first branch of the hospital building service center, built the streets of the hospital building branch learning platform. Carry out the "Peng Jia Zhai Zhen triple working methods, made a new exploration in the grass-roots party members and cadres to contact the service of the masses. The Youth Street of the ancient city of Taiwan has carried out the practice of "the Party member’s good neighbor house", which has a plurality of contents, and strengthened the cohesion of the community party organization through the rich content.   read more

A quarter of the province’s social financing 38 billion 500 million

The first quarter of this year, our province social financing scale reached 38 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 38.1%; financial institutions and foreign currency deposits of 414 billion 630 million yuan, an increase of 13.3%, the balance of foreign currency loans 368 billion 730 million yuan, an increase of 22.7%. This is a reporter from the province held in April 22nd in the first quarter of Qinghai financial situation analysis meeting was informed.

Million people participate in the new environmental law knowledge contest

In order to better promote the implementation of the new environmental law, the provincial environmental protection department organized a newly revised "environmental protection law" prize knowledge contest, tens of thousands of people to participate in the competition, 145 contestants won.

the newly revised "environmental protection law" has come into effect on January 1st this year, to protect and improve the environment, prevent pollution and other public hazards, protect public health, promote the construction of ecological civilization, to promote sustainable economic and social development, has a very important significance. In order to promote the new environmental protection law, the provincial environmental protection department in December 2014 organized a prize knowledge contest, competition set up one or two, three and other awards and outstanding award of the four awards. After more than a month of activity, nearly ten thousand people participated in the activities of knowledge contest. The day before, after a public notary lottery from the masses participate in the competition, first prize 5, two prize 10, third-prize 30, 100 award of excellence.   read more

North District low cost housing allocation of public rental

to promote the low rent housing policy implementation, the North District of Xining city in strict accordance with the standard payment of rental housing subsidies for families, low rent housing rental subsidies, and to meet the conditions of low rent housing, public rental housing for families of three publicity. As of early this month, low rent housing and public rental housing have been allocated.

to ensure that affordable housing for the distribution of work objectively and impartially, eliminate the application and reporting process, reporting, reporting hidden reported a series of problems such as Seongbuk civil affairs, industry and commerce, the social security, public security, property registration department into the joint trial category, strict examination, check the real application of family security, housing for needy families to enjoy to the preferential policies of the state. The verification of the area per capita construction area of less than 15 square meters of housing subsidies for low-income families, 726 households, a total of 1 million 929 thousand and 100 yuan; to meet the conditions of low rent housing, public rental housing for families of three publicity, public distribution of 15 sets of low rent housing, 296 units of public rental has been completed in September 29th 144 housing distribution; families share city with the construction of public rental, the check-in formalities have been completed; review and input affordable housing for families of 33 households. read more

Caring for women’s health and promoting human development

in order to further improve the comprehensive quality of female workers in the health system, promote the popularization and dissemination of women’s health knowledge, improve women’s health consciousness and health knowledge level, build type, type, type of elegant female worker team, August 24th, Union City Commission, the Municipal Health Bureau and the Commission jointly organized the "lecture" health knowledge female worker health care in Xining, invited the gynecology hospital of Xi’an Xining First People’s Hospital Professor Li Fengyun to carry out health lectures of female workers for the health sector of female workers.
in the lecture of Professor Li according to the physiological characteristics of women, take an interactive way, from the three aspects of health psychology, scientific exercise, reasonable diet, vividly explained women’s breast, uterus and other reproductive system health care knowledge, and how to prevent the occurrence of disease of gynecological diseases, how should treat in the effective time. Vivid, analyses the necessity of general investigation of gynecological diseases and reduce the incidence of cancer in women, keep beautiful, the important significance of constructing the harmonious family, harmonious society, the combination of theory and practice, simple, vivid and easy to remember, for the majority of female workers sent a healthy meal, and cited a number of data for female workers a vivid health education, female workers comrades benefit, warmly welcomed by the female workers.
through lectures, to further promote the awareness of women’s disease knowledge rate and popularity rate, improve the female worker’s view on the physiological importance, to further enhance the awareness of health. read more