Doing business might as well be a little silly

is very smart, do business only skills, while others look silly when doing business accounting is often silly, two case, whose business will be better? Lao Wang is a famous honest man in the town. He is happy all day long. Lao Wang did not go to school, do not know a few words, but he married a prudent wife. Lao Wang to sell mutton for a living, although not very large stalls, but the town’s peers do the best. From shopping malls, hotel buyers to go to the market, the old aunt, many customers are willing to go there to buy meat.

surprisingly, when Wang’s wife went to the meat that very careful in reckoning, sales is not too good, he personally was swept away when the lamb. Many people are very puzzled, and asked the reason why Lao wang. Originally, Lao Wang has his own business. He said that he did not have any culture, the beginning of the business will not be accounted for, even the scales will not make, had to eat a lot of losses. Some buyers to see what he did not culture, count on the account count less than a few dollars, such as Pharaoh came too late. read more

17 year old girl worth over ten million business

teenager, we are still in the protection of the family to go to school, but some people began to start at the age of 15, 17 years old has been worth over ten million, and the story of the hero is a little girl, is not very admirable!

15 started   16 years old; founded in Shenzhen   company; half the time of personal assets has exceeded ten million   plan to study abroad before the age of 20, 17 year old Xi’an girl Wang Kai Xin, a company founded in Shenzhen, Beijing in January 14th to participate in a business show win all the investor, to 60 million yuan valuation, got 15 million yuan of financing for the company’s business platform, known as the "overbearing female president".

was the space middle school students "achievement but the idea of novelty"

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Pet stores should have what conditions to open

pet store is doing a good project, the strength of this project, if you want to shop, you need to join the business with what conditions? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

1. good pet store market, the pet shop around, people’s consumption capacity, consumption habits, and consumer awareness to support open a pet shop to make money. What conditions do you need to open a pet store? This is the foundation to open a pet shop to make money. A pet shop may not meet so many consumer demand, which requires the pet shop or sales of high-end products, or ordinary products, only the correct positioning, through rich pet products brand style meet the consumers demand, is conducive to long-term development of the pet shop.

2. has a pet store related technology, management, capital. What conditions do you need to open a pet store? To open a pet shop ten enough to give the customer service, no professional technology is not enough to support open a pet shop, and to open a pet shop and not a person can be done, but need to manage the pet shop all staff positions, let each of their respective responsibilities, let the pet shop work, stable customers to the pet store consumption, it can ensure a pet shop to make money. read more

Gift shop business coup

whether it is a family and friends birthday, or other traditional festivals, gifts are indispensable, from the market point of view, the demand has been very large gift. For entrepreneurs, to open a gift shop is very good. But how to open a gift shop? The following answers can be found.

position preferably in the following locations: schools, hospitals, near the station, commercial shopping center or downtown. The appearance of the gift shop decoration, the more dazzling better, in order to attract customers to the maximum degree of attention, but also the window layout "huazhizhaozhan, and can write some words in the warm wishes.

must have your features. If you run a popular gift, your gift shop is not very attractive to people. Gift shop features can be displayed in the types of gifts and gifts you operate on a variety of colors can also be reflected in your gift portfolio and gift packaging.

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Entrepreneurship workshop lemon drinks shop to help you quickly on the road to success the whole n


want to start a business? To choose to join the workshop lemon drinks? Quality projects, worry free business, worry free business, it is worth our choice. Join the lemon drinks workshop project, you are not very exciting?

in our daily life in addition to the daily three meals a day, drink is also indispensable in our lives. The delicious drink has been sought after by many people. Lemon drink workshop, adhering to the "health, fashion, leisure, nutrition, fast" business philosophy and the "fashion drinks, individual life brand purpose, to create a modern health, music features live new drinks, for the modern people to create a more fresh and healthy fruit drink brand.

workshop aims to change the lemon drinks become a kind of culture, a ceremony, a fashion, a pleasant way of life, so that consumers from purchasing to drink, enjoy more fresh, more fashionable, exquisite tea export better. Good tea more into our lives, become a part of our life, workshop focused on lemon tea, let more delicious permeates our hearts and become a part of handmade tea. read more

Good prospects for the operation of a good way to shop

is now Home Furnishing life, lighting products is unavoidable, and a high quality of lighting products in the market is also very popular with consumers, now open a lighting shop, in order to make profits to business? Please look at the small shop management agency to explain the lighting method.

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Xinfeng baozi brand

Chinese buns can not only satisfy the appetite, but also can be connected with greedy. Not only cheap but also delicious. Such a good project investors will not let go. Dumplings, is always delicious delicacy in traditional Chinese, South soup dumplings, dishes of meat steamed north, no matter what kind of stuffing dumplings, have become the best choice for breakfast, snacks and even snack. Xinfeng steamed stuffed bun in recent years is the rise of a new brand of steamed stuffed bun, because of the unique product in the national legal system quickly, become a very profitable project, then Xinfeng steamed stuffed bun how much?

Xinfeng baozi? How much does it cost to join Xinfeng baozi? What are the advantages? Specific look at the following:

flexible operation:

sit shop management: personalized store image, professional store decoration, distinctive, eye-catching. In the crowded subway, pedestrian street, learning

school, hospital, business center and office area. Customers will continue to make you earn money to make soft. read more