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first_img Tags: Developments in Development • housing Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0% 0% Is it true? Can it be? Rumor (or rather, the Business Times) has it that the housing market is cooling off a little. Not in the sense that home values are decreasing, but the mere fact that the increase in prices is not as dramatic as it has been previously, which was enough to make Zillow’s chief economist call the change a “sign of the times.”But make no mistake, the local bidding war is strategic and brutal, at least according to this report from the Wall Street Journal, in which a couple in the Haight spent more than $20,000 renovating and staging their condo (with paintings rented from local galleries, no less) and then weighed their options — price low to incite a vicious bidding war and keep buyers guessing, or price high and hope to make the unit seem even more desirable? Both strategies, inevitably, pay off.Same story, as always, in the commercial renting world: We’ve reported on how Valencia has arguably gotten too expensive for its own good. The latest victim, Eater SF reports, is Bogaloo’s on the corner of Valencia and 22nd streets. Their space is listed as available in September, for $17,500 a month. Bogaloo’s general manager told Eater that the rent increase will, indeed, oust him.center_img Looking ahead through the haze of millions of dollars floating down into the city’s market from the affluent ether, there is more housing and planning drama on the horizon. Here are a couple of developments to keep an eye out for in the next few weeks.The biggest buzz, of course, is around the 1979 Mission project that the Business Times revealed is now stuck in a lawsuit between the developer and the landlord over claims that the land owner took bids from other buyers after Maximus Real Estate, the developer, had already sunk millions into the project. Activists declared victory, but the author of the original story that broke the news of the lawsuit isn’t buying it. He says the site is likely to be too expensive for the city to buy, and even more expensive to build, for completely affordable housing. Maximus, too, says it’s still committed to the project. This one’s not over yet.In a bit of uplifting news, SocketSite says a protest against First Republic Bank downtown last week actually led the institution to say it would ask loan applicants looking to acquire buildings with tenants about their plans for a building, and reject those who said they plan to invoke the Ellis Act.2000-2070 Bryant Street, the neighborhood’s other massive construction controversy, raised eyebrows at the Planning Commission when it was discovered developer Nick Podell had invoked the Permit Streamlining Act and was essentially forcing the Commission’s hand on a decision by September 30. The Commission is supposed to decide on this plan by September 10, but 48 Hills reports a twist: Apparently, the developer has opted to dramatically alter the plans for his project to add more production, development, and repair (PDR space) to the extent that the project might require a whole new environmental review. Does that qualify as an amended Hail Mary or as capitulation to public pressure?Speaking of the Planning Commission, next week (Thursday September 3 at noon) they meet to discuss, for the third time, interim controls on market rate housing construction. Amid almost unanimous community opposition, the Commission has so far been unable to reach a consensus on actual policy but may actually do so this time around. Stay tuned…Socketsite reports on two smaller developments, 3620 Cesar Chavez and 668 Guerrero, both of which are going to build up. 668 Guerrero, a foreclosed space, could turn into a 40-foot-high multi unit residential construction, though plans have yet to be submitted. The 3620 Cesar Chavez developer has a proposal for a 16-unit building that would be nixed if the Mission moratorium were to pass.Oh, Remember that woman in Bernal whose rent got increased to something like $8,000 a month for a two-bedroom? SF Magazine reports that she move out in May, and has strung together a series of pet-sitting gigs to stay under a roof. But she’s also filed suit against her landlady, claiming a violation of the city’s rent ordinance for the sudden rent spike, especially since a no-fault eviction would have guaranteed her some $9,000 in relocation payments. Meanwhile, perhaps confirming a variety of expectations about what happens to new market-rate constructions, Curbed reports 90 percent of units at the Vida complex on Mission and 22nd streets have been sold to tech workers for an average of $1,100 per square foot. Finally, for any potential new arrivals reading this, the Village Voice has some advice on how not to be an jerky gentrifier if you are a high-income person moving into a previously low-income area: Know what came before you (locally, that may mean checking a property you’re considering moving into on the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project’s database), don’t avoid local businesses just because others who shop there don’t look like you, talk to your neighbors, be aware of the repercussions of your moving there, and shut up from time to time and let others who have been there longer have their say. last_img read more

AntiEviction Groups Displaced by Startup Go Out in Style

first_imgEn Español.After losing their mid-Market workspace to a startup that profits from renting office space to other startups, members of two leading tenants rights nonprofits tried hard to keep a sense of humor. Last night, the staff of Tenants Together and the Eviction Defense Collaborative threw themselves an “eviction party” and raised their cups to the irony of sharing the same fate as the tenants they work to keep housed.“Our organizations exist to stop people from being displaced from their homes, and now, we are being priced out of ours,” said Dean Preston, executive director of Tenants Together, California’s first and only statewide renter’s rights organization. “We win big battles, but sometimes we lose them.” The group, along with the Eviction Defense Collaborative, which offers pro-bono legal services to roughly 5,000 San Franciscans facing evictions and displacement annually, are two of the three last standing nonprofits that are being displaced from the building at 995 Market St. that once housed community-serving groups on nearly each of its 15 floors. “In the world we live in right now, building owners want to maximize the rents and don’t care how they do that, even if that means pricing nonprofits out,” he said. Preston had an inkling that the organizations’ fates were sealed two years ago when WeWorks — a start-up that capitalizes on dividing and subletting shared office space to tech companies — began repurposing the building’s bottom floors. Still, he was surprised at how quickly and ruthlessly his workspace was turned into a construction zone.Preston watched in agony as, slowly but surely, the building at 995 Market St. was “gutted” floor by floor and rebuilt with little regard for its long-term tenants.“The drilling, the noise, the dust, the not-functioning elevators, and bathroom spills — they have really made it a nightmare for us to do business and help people here,” said Preston. The collaborative’s 10-year lease officially ends on December 31, but the building has not felt like home for quite some time.“I’ll miss the views out of this place, but I won’t be missing the construction dust everywhere,” said Paul Cohen, executive director of the Eviction Defense Collaborative, about the displacement. Preston relates the disruptive tactics to many accounts he’s heard from residential tenants who were “elbowed out” of their homes by landlords and developers.  “No corporate tenant would ever be treated the way Tenants Together, Eviction Defense Collaborative, and the numerous other nonprofits who have tried to hang on in this building have been treated,” he said. “It’s pretty clear that they want to take over our two floors as well.”Since 2008, his group has been subleasing their office space on the building’s 11th and 12th floor from the collaborative, which has operated at offices just across the hall for nearly a decade. When the two groups joined forces through their shared space, a solid, physical alliance within the tenant’s rights movement was formed. “Imagine the folks doing the on-the-ground legal work at the collaborative, and us, the bigger-picture policy advocates, sharing one floor, one kitchen, and conspiring in the hallway and elevators,” said Preston. “It’s been a positive, powerful, collaborative relationship. This break-up truly is a sad thing.” Erin Mcelroy, director of the anti-eviction mapping project, attended the groups memorialization party – the tenant activist also lamented the loss of the two organization’s communal space.“As far as wider anti-eviction movement goes, it’s been wonderful to have these two institutions in same building,” she said, adding that 995 Market St. often served as a meeting space for various citywide housing advocates. “The fact that they are getting kicked out and replaced by a big group of tech offices — it says so much about what’s happening in this city.”Some hard feelings remained as two anti-eviction groups memorialized their own displacement with a party on December 2. Photo by Laura WaxmannPoet and journalist Fred Dodsworth echoed this sentiment, calling the groups’ displacement a metaphor for the greed of capitalism.“We need these organizations — this is sickness of our times,” he said.Cohen, the collaborative’s director, said he feels equally frustrated, but also sees some positives in the inevitable. After all, the group just signed a lease for a larger space at 1338 Mission St. The new location is just four blocks from City Hall, where both staff and clients of the collaborative are often forced to trek for their cases.  The biggest issue, said Cohen, are “astronomical” commercial rents. The collaborative will be paying more than double the $14,000 that they were paying at 995 Market St. The group recently applied for a grant from the Northern California Community Loan Fund, one of the few resources to help displaced nonprofits cover increased rent costs.“If it wasn’t for the increase in the market value of this building, and WeWork deciding to take over the entire building, we definitely wouldn’t have moved,” said Cohen. “But we are landing on our feet, even though it’s been a very difficult ride.”For Tenants Together, the situation is a little less clear-cut. While the group has tentatively found a space in the mid-Market area, negotiations are still ongoing and no lease has been signed yet.“The time and energy we spent on dealing with this eviction could have been devoted to assisting people, changing policies, stopping displacement,” said Preston. “The stress for people living under the threat of eviction is off the charts. For an organization, it’s similar because it takes away from what we should all be doing, which is work.” 0%center_img Tags: displacement • housing Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

Scenes from Saturdays celebration of Cesar Chavez on 24th Street

first_imgEach year, folks gather in the Mission to honor the life and passing of Cesar Chavez. Some snaps from this year’s celebration:Photo by Samuele Marro.Photo by Samuele Marro.Photo by Samuele Marro. Subscribe to Mission Local’s daily newsletter Photo by Samuele Marro.Photo by Samuele Marro.Photo by Samuele MarroPhoto by Samuele Marro.Photo by Samuele Marro.Photo by Samuele Marro.Photo by Samuele Marro.Photo by Samuele Marro.Photo by Samuele Marro.Photo by Samuele Marro.Photo by Samuele Marro.Photo by Samuele Marro.Photo by Samuele Marro.Photo by Samuele Marro.Photo by Samuele Marro. center_img Email Addresslast_img

Touchstone Energy Pender County Jamboree canceled

first_img The event will not be rescheduled. PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Football fans in Pender County will have to wait one more week to see their teams in action.Due to inclement weather and field conditions, organizers canceled the Pender County Football Jamboree.- Advertisement – last_img

Maks and Val of Dancing With the Stars to perform at Wilson

first_img They’re touring with another pro from the show Peta Murgatroyd.This will be their second time performing after a visit in June of last year.The show is set for April 2 at 7:30 p.m.Related Article: Actor David Hyde Pierce to appeare with Wilmington Symphony OrchestraClick here to get tickets. “Maks, Val & Peta Live On Tour: Confidential” will be a spectacular dance show, driven by a narrative of true family life and love stories. WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Who’s ready to dance? Some of the stars of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars are set to perform right here in the Port City.Maks and Valentin Chmerkovskiy are bringing their brand new show “Confidential” to the Wilson Center at Cape Fear Community College.- Advertisement – last_img

Chemours meets with neighbors in hopes to build trust

first_img News outlets report the more than 120 people at the meeting were skeptical.North Carolina officials began investigating Chemours about a year ago, after news that researchers had discovered a compound called GenX in the Cape Fear River downstream from the plant. GenX is made at the plant and has been found in private wells around the plant.GenX has been linked to cancer in animals. GenX is used by companies that make nonstick cookware and other products. ST. PAULS, N.C. (AP) — A chemical company executive says he hopes residents near a North Carolina plant will one day be proud to have the operation in their community.Paul Kirsch is president of fluoroproducts for Chemours and spoke Tuesday night at a meeting about the company’s plant in St. Pauls in Robeson County.- Advertisement – last_img

No one charged after teen bicyclist hit by car in Carolina Beach

first_img(Photo: MGN Online) CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — A teen was hit by a car in Carolina Beach over the weekend.Carolina Beach Police say a 16-year-old boy was riding his bike when he was hit around noon Sunday on Lake Park Boulevard near Kate’s Pancake House.- Advertisement – The investigation revealed was the bicyclist was at fault and no one was charged, according to CBPD.The teen was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.last_img

Where were you when man first set foot on the moon

first_img <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a> 50 years ago today, Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Where were Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, Lawrence Gonzi and Mario Schiavone when this historic event occurred?“It was indescribable”President Emeritus Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca told how her father had woken up her and her siblings early at 3.00 am to watch astronaut Neil Armstrong landing the capsule on the moon. She said that this is a memory that she will never forget as it was very exciting, and that they knew that something very important was happening in the history of mankind.“The first step on the moon was also the first step for the sectors of technology and science”Former Prime Minister of Malta Lawrence Gonzi told that the first step of man on the moon surface was also the first step for science and technology. The computer used to land the capsule was minuscule compared to the computers which make up our mobile phones today; however, it was a very important first step.Gonzi explained that, at the time, he was about 15 or 16 years old, and all his family was eager to follow the event on the Italian television station RAI: “I remember it as if it was seared into my mind; the whole family gathered together to watch what happening in this beautiful adventure.”“At the time, it was like science fiction”, Gonzi explained, “something that it was difficult for me to imagine.” He added that they were “glued” to the television, follow the scientific wonder that was taking place before their very eyes.“We didn’t learn the lesson of how we can use science for the good of mankind”Mario Schiavone, who has worked in the media for may years, told that we have not learned how to use science for good, as, in his own words, “today, we are destroying the world ourselves.”He explained that, at that time he was 18-years-old and he could not believe what he was seeing. Geography lessons at school were about how far away the earth from the moon, and much of humanity still knew very little about the moon. He added that when saw the three astronauts walking on the moon, he realised that mankind could reach great limits if they used their intelligence for the benefit of humanity.WhatsApp SharePrintlast_img read more

MTN Goes Live With Cloud Services

first_imgAdvertisement Following a trial period in six of its major markets across Africa, MTN is going live with its bouquet of distinct cloud services this April. The MTN Cloud pilot project was launched in December 2012, targeting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda and South Africa. The pilot made MTN the first mobile network operator in Africa to adopt the Cloud Service Brokerage model.This approach entails the centralisation of access to services where a third party, in this case MTN, acts as the single point of contact for customers. The focus is on convenience, as centralising access to services eases the administrative burden for businesses, where instead of dealing with multiple service providers, they now deal with one.The response to the MTN Cloud trial was positive, Executive for MTN’s Group Enterprise Business Unit, Farhad Khan, said. – Advertisement – What the pilot project confirmed is that our offerings are on the mark. There is great appetite for ICT solutions that are relevant, customised and affordable. SMEs are looking to technology service providers such as MTN to bring them world-class tools that improve their business efficiencies. MTN Cloud offers exactly that.”MTN will be going live with MTN Cloud in Ghana and Nigeria today Wednesday, 10 April 2013, with other markets to follow later in the year.An impressive list of services are offered via cloud. As part of the trial, participating companies were offered access to Office Desktop, a cost-effective email and collaborative software, Mozypro, a back-up service for the effective management of files and servers, and Dialcom, an on-demand video conferencing offering.Also on offer were McAfee, a popular anti-virus and anti-spam security software, Averiware, used for companies’ HR, accounting, finance and sales force automation needs, and Microsoft SharePoint, a staff and cross functional collaborative tool. This is in addition to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a customer relations management tool.The most popular of the MTN Cloud solutions during the trial were Averiware, MozyPro Online Backup, and McAfee SaaS.Companies that participated in the pilot ranged from SMEs in the IT, manufacturing and hospitality sectors in Ghana to those in media and advertising in Nigeria.“MTN is optimistic about the uptake of MTN Cloud. Our focus as MTN is to contribute to the development of enterprises and the sustainable growth of economies, and SMEs are key economic growth drivers in most of our markets.”In line with the new commercial offering, business customers will receive a 30-day trial of MTN Cloud. Customers who subscribe to MTN Cloud, through MTN Business, in the different markets, will also be able to pay for services using airtime. Plans are also underway to enable businesses to utilise MTN Mobile Money to pay for MTN Cloud services. Payment will be effected in the local currency of the participating market.Credit: Biz Communitylast_img read more

Over 100 fake apps discovered among Windows Store submissions

first_imgAdvertisement Over 100 fake apps and games have been discovered in the Windows Store which are using popular names to trick users into downloading them. Some are free, but most are priced at $4.99 and others go for up to $28.99, in a clear attempt to generate as much revenue from ignorant Windows 8 and Windows RT customers.[related-posts]WinBeta, which first spotted the fake apps, found them by searching for “how to use.” While this phrase is tacked on to the end of the titles for these apps, it is cut off when browsing the store. – Advertisement – A closer look shows that the publishers for these so-called apps include GreenHot, BA MEDIA, Hot Girl, Facebook Pro, MAHN TIEN, and Angry Birds Pro. Searching for either of these terms brings back even more results of fake submissions.These apps aren’t just targeting third-party titles: there are even mentions of Microsoft’s own Office, OneNote, Publisher, Word, and other such offerings. It’s frankly mind-boggling that any of these were accepted into the store, but even more surprising that fake Microsoft apps made it in as well.Microsoft recently announced that the Windows Store had surpassed the 100,000-app milestone. Not only is that far behind the competition, and it took the company very long to reach the six-digit figure, but apparently at least some of the submissions shouldn’t have ever been counted in the first place.Source: TNWlast_img read more