CNTB has announced a call for the annual “Anton Štifanić” awards and lifetime achievement awards

first_imgLifetime Achievement Award – Frane SkoblarAnnual award “Anton Šifanić” – individual – Ivan SabljicAnnual award “Anton Šifanić” in the category of company, institution or association – ID Riva Tours GmbH Last year’s winners for 2018 were: The award is given for 2019, as a special recognition for the exceptional contribution of individuals and companies and / or institutions in the development of tourism in the Republic of Croatia, and applications are accepted until November 17, 2020 by 12:00 p.m. The award can be given to individuals, companies and / or institutions and / or associations (Anton Štifanić Annual Award) and an individual for lifetime achievement (Lifetime Achievement Award). The incentive for awarding the Prize to the Commission may be proposed by all natural and legal persons of the Republic of Croatia. Photo: HTZ The Croatian National Tourist Board recently announced a public call for the Croatian Tourist Award in 2020 in the category “Man – the key to success, employee of the year”, And now an invitation is open for two categories – as the Annual Award”Anton Štifanić“And the Award for life’s work. center_img The public call is available on the official one page of the Croatian National Tourist Boarde, and the application form is available via the following links. The selection of the winners in 2020 within the category of the Croatian Tourist Award is exceptionally carried out within the changed time frames in relation to the prescribed propositions and procedures due to the circumstances caused by the coronary virus pandemic. Related news: CNTB opens online applications for the Annual Croatian Tourist Awardslast_img read more

Al-Shabaab militants kill 14 people in Mandera, Kenya

first_imgThe 2 officers were taken in an attack by the Islamist militants in Kenya’s north-eastern Garissa county in May 2013 Al Shabaab fightersAt least 14 people were killed and 11 others injured early Tuesday in a suspected ‘al-Shabaab’ terror attack in Mandera county close to the border with Somalia.Mandera County Commissioner Alex Ole Nkoyo confirmed the early morning attack, saying that unknown gunmen hurled grenades into a residential building located about 2 km from Mandera Town.Fourteen people mostly construction workers, were killed in the dawn attack.Red Cross team evacuating the injured from Mandera @RedCross and @EMS_Kenya are evacuating the injured to Mandera County Referral Hospital. Mandera County Commissioner Alex Ole Nkoyo is reported as saying they were not sure who was behind the attacks however Al-shabaab is highly suspected to have been involved.The deceased were caught unaware.They (Attackers) shot in the air several times and even used petrol bombs to carry out the attack.Nkoyo said the area is largely inhabited by quarry workers, mainly non indigenous people.“These were Al Shabaab from the natrure of the attack. They used explosives and guns,” Nkoyo said.“Most people were sleeping in tents outside their houses because the weather condition in Mandera is very hot,” NKoyo added.Sources said suspected ‘al-Shabaab’ militants first hurled several improvised explosive devices (IEDs) before opening fire on the quarry workers who were sleeping at that time.The government late last year ordered quarry workers to leave the quarries and move to town for security reasons after 36 of them were killed in December.last_img read more

One Transported by Helicopter After Accident

first_imgGreensburg, IN — The Greensburg Police Department responded to a crash with injury on US 421 North in Greensburg, in front of Honda Manufacturing of Indiana.  The call to dispatch came in a little before 3 pm on Monday. The accident involved two vehicles, with the driver of one vehicle being transported by medical helicopter to Indianapolis for treatment of injuries sustained at in the crash.last_img

7 Surprising Things You Should Never Do Before Bed

first_imgYou change into your coziest PJs, turn off Game of Thrones and snuggle under the covers. And then you lie in bed, tossing and turning, for the next two hours. What’s the deal? Here are seven things that might be keeping you from your best night’s sleep.DON’T: TAKE A HOT BATHSoaking in a hot tub might sound like the perfect end to a long day, but think twice before you mix up the bubbles. Our friends at the National Sleep Foundation tell us that our internal body temperature typically lowers a few degrees before bed, helping us feel calm and drowsy. Raising your body temperature (like, by sitting in steamy water) is likely to make you feel wide awake. So skip the suds or enjoy them earlier in the evening.DON’T: EAT CHOCOLATEThere’s nothing wrong with satiating your sweet tooth with a square (or three) of dark chocolate after dinner, but make sure to space it out at least a few hours before bed. The caffeine and sugar in chocolate will cause your blood sugar to spike, and the buzz won’t do you any favors if you’re trying to fall asleep.DON’T: PLAY WITH YOUR DOGOK, we should be more specific. Cuddling with Sarah Jessica Barker is perfectly fine and there are actually health benefits to letting your pup sleep in your bed. But if you’re full-on playing and she’s riled up, neither of you are going to be able to snooze anytime soon. Instead, take her for a long walk right after dinner, so by the time bedtime rolls around, you’re both ready to hit the hay.DON’T: HAVE A GLASS OF WINEDon’t worry, we’re not trying to discourage you from drinking your evening vino (especially with all the weight-loss benefits, hello). But if you’re having trouble sleeping, it’s best to wrap up your alcohol consumption at least two hours before bedtime. First, alcohol messes with your sleep cycles, so even if you zonk out immediately, you’re more likely to wake again in the middle of the night, the folks at WebMD tell us. But alcohol is also a diuretic, which means you’ll probably find yourself getting up a few hours later to pee.DON’T: WORK OUTAnd by “work out,” we mean running, spinning and other cardio. A nice, meditative candlelit yoga session? Go for it. But if you get your heart pumping too close to bedtime, you’ll get a boost of adrenaline that will keep you tossing and turning. If you’re going to bed at 10 p.m., aim to be home from your boxing class by 8 p.m.DON’T: DRINK TEACaffeinated tea is a no-brainer. Like coffee, sipping a cup of English Breakfast before bed will probably make you jittery. But even herbal tea is a bad idea in the sheets, especially if you already have to get up to use the bathroom throughout the night. If this is you, cut off liquids (yep, even water) an hour before bed. Save your hydration efforts for tomorrow morning.Sourcelast_img read more