Croatia won a gold medal in the AEHT tourism and hospitality school competition

first_imgFrom 12 November to 17 November 2018, the annual conference of the AEHT (European Association of Hotel and Tourism Schools) of the European Association of Hospitality and Tourism Schools was held in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. Its membership includes over 300 hospitality and tourism schools. The purpose of AEHT is to exchange experiences and cooperation of students from different countries, languages ​​and cultures through teamwork, creating new acquaintances and connections among students, and this year 650 participants (students, teachers and principals) from 19 countries participated.As part of the AEHT, prestigious competitions are held in 10 tourism and hospitality disciplines: hotel management, reception business, bar service, wine service, cocktail preparation, dehatlon or cooking skills competition, restaurant service, destination presentation, confectionery and cooking, and She represented Croatia this year Vinkovci Secondary Vocational School.Vinkovci Secondary Vocational SchoolVinkovci Secondary Vocational School and Croatia was represented by a fourth grade student of the Secondary Vocational School Irena Bunčić in the discipline of Confectionery.Thus, 34 students, ie 17 teams from 15 European countries, competed in the confectionery discipline. Irena Bunčić was the only student from Croatia in confectionery and competed in a team with a Cees Lust student from Akersloot in the Netherlands, and they won as a team gold medal with a great advantage over other competitors.On the first day of the competition, the judging panel forms teams on the principle of connecting students from different countries and different language areas. Then the teams have 90 minutes to jointly (in English) design a dessert with the obligatory given elements, write a recipe and work on that recipe the next day. They have 2 hours for practical work, and this year’s theme was to make 4 equal desserts and serve them on 4 plates that will contain: biscuit, two different creams, two different apple preparations and a crunchy part. This year they also had an additional challenge because before the competition itself, they learned about additional foods that need to be put in dessert.Vinkovci Secondary Vocational School”A gold medal gives me the strength to make my biggest dream come true and it’s just an incentive for me to work even harder. My goal is to finish high school first, then college, so that I can become independent in life and become what I want, and my biggest wish is to one day open my own pastry shop ” pointed out Irena Bunčić for the portal Irena has been preparing for this competition since the beginning of September and she was prepared by the confectionery teacher of the Vinkovci Secondary Vocational School Ružica Šošić. ”Once again, at such a prestigious competition for students of catering and tourism schools, we worthily presented our school, city and country and proved that money and perfect conditions are not always crucial for success, but desire, will and hard work.. ”Pointed out Ružica Šošić, a professional confectionery teacher.Several other schools from Croatia competed very successfully in the tourism disciplines and brought five more medals to Croatia.last_img read more

Fear of women is turning men to gay sex claims author Jilly

first_imgGAYSTARNEWS- The 81-year-old romance novelist, best known for writing the Rutshire Chronicles, has slammed ‘modern men’.She said she worried by the effect of the Me Too and Times Up movements, the hope to stop sexual harassment in the workplace.Jilly Cooper slammed for comments on ‘modern men’Speaking at the Hay literacy festival, Cooper said: ‘I have one adorable gay friend whose lover died. He’s just started going on the internet now.‘It’s all married men wanting to have gay affairs. Do you think men are so terrified of women, it’s safer to get [it] on with their own sex?’Cooper said men’s behavior is ‘cyclical’, referencing how men cried and grew beards in the Shakespearean era.She said her father and late husband Leo did neither.‘Men cry all the time now and they have beards,’ she said. Jilly Cooper slammed for opinions on ‘modern men’ Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Fear of women and being branded a harasser is turning men to gay sex, author Jilly Cooper has claimed.center_img Describing how campaigns against sexual harassment such as Me Too have affected relationships, Cooper said: ‘One lovely man said “I can’t flirt any more”. You have a mini skirt up to here, then “do not touch” tattooed across your knees.’Criticized on social mediaCooper’s comments have been slammed on social media.One man, Martin Walker, said: ‘That’s news. As a married man, I’ve never considered having a gay affair. If men are terrified of women, how are they managing to get married in the first place?’Michelle Kelly responded: ‘A lovely bundle of sexism and homophobia rolled into one!’Another man said: ‘LOL. I’m scared of my wife too. Perhaps I should try it. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it they say.’And another said: ‘It’s always possible that they just like cock.’Cooper has written 41 books, and sold more than 11 million copies in Britain alone.Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) Call for UK to compensate men convicted under anti-gay lawsLesbians exist because it’s attractive to men, controversial new study findsIcons in LGBTI history and today share their pivotal stories in 29 portraitsRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : read more