After October 24th,

wrote an article called "on the website of Shanghai love weight principle and reliability analysis tools" article, published, although many websites, however, I found that two days of this basic idea of this article is wrong, but the network society is extremely impetuous and utilitarian, this article reprint although many, but the real look not too many people, so what the impact will not be too bad. But even so, I still have to pay for their mistakes, so today this paper analyzed the content of Shanghai love weight tools as well as mentioned above may not do a proper analysis, the expression of their own views.


analysis based on the above examples and personal, about the following simple views: This tool can effectively detect the site in which keywords love Shanghai ranking, and the keywords love Shanghai index, then according to the decision in the two key words of love Shanghai to this site to how many flow. This method is more scientific, the author experimented with a few of the site itself, the station found some tools are expected and actual traffic conditions >

in accordance with this tool, the weight is 9 of Shanghai’s own love. I love Shanghai itself to its own program flow is: 2 million 854 thousand and 700. This value is accurate? Personally, the real number is far greater than 2 million 854 thousand and 700, this is because the tool can only detect the popular vocabulary, and every day in the sea search long tail number love too much. In fact, the vast majority of love Shanghai know the flow rate should be from the love of Shanghai, and many people have loved Shanghai as questions, the search habits of the population flow of the majority will be introduced to love Shanghai know, in fact, is just love Shanghai know the daily traffic may be greater than 2 million 854 thousand and 700 this number. Of course, love itself Shanghai traffic will be bigger than this more, discussed here is only love Shanghai search tool to bring to the column’s traffic.

is feeling analysis in the article is wrong, in one click. About the day before yesterday, I check yourself in a web site like Shanghai weight, inadvertently opened the Shanghai love show the value of the weight of the icon, after that point to open, this is a list of some may bring the flow of data words in the Shanghai love index ranking of the site. That is to say, I said in the article, the third party love Shanghai weight analysis tool is based on your website, keywords ranking, snapshot and other factors synthetically derived scores, now I want more. The actual situation is not so complicated, the reason is very simple, the weight is also a better understanding of the love of Shanghai. That is to say, the tool detection is: love Shanghai might give this site much traffic. Of course, indirect, how much traffic is the situation ranked by key, volume, weight is high, then the keywords ranking will not rely on.

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