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in the chain construction site, many sites with low PR have some high PR website exchange time is very happy, immediately promised. This is not the case, if the outbound links each other too much, so he passed to your PR value is lower, so be sure to look at the other sites in the exchange Links the PR output value, avoid suffer.


four, the website included more, ranking the better

has observed some people have the right to drop the website will observe a snapshot of the site, if the snapshot of a site suddenly backwards, it means the site right down, in fact this is a wrong understanding. Today the company website snapshot suddenly retreated, but with the webmaster tools web site keywords ranking is expected to flow did not change, no change. You know, right down the website influence is the first keyword ranking. Love in Shanghai Webmaster Platform made a statement, does not mean that the snapshot back right down.

I believe that many people will think that if a website is not updated, his ranking will drop. In fact, I have just begun to think I also keep the content update is an important factor in enhancing the keywords ranking. But I see a peer ranking good site, I found that this view is wrong.

many people would think that a web site included more love, more trust in the site of Shanghai, so the ranking is better. I found "Shenzhen website construction", apparently in the first row of the site is far below the third site, site

snapshot back down right

website in the website construction industry ranked better, it is I site the included, today we can see that his website content update frequency is not so high, he may be a few days an update, but half of the original article is to update him. He did not update the article every day, but his ranking has been very stable. So, is not to say that the website is not updated, ranking will drop, the update frequency can be said without any relationship with the ranking.


, PR low and PR high website website link, website PR low sure to take advantage of

three, the content is not updated, the ranking will drop


read an article "love Shanghai" the significance of the snapshot analysis in A5 today, which illustrate the snapshot is what role does for us, I have feeling very much. Many webmaster in Shanghai Longfeng, never through their own verification, agree with the views of others blindly. In fact, there are many places, we more or less there are some wrong understanding, here today to summarize my views, hope to help the webmaster.

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