ranking mechanism in recent months I used several software basically and I had to do when the Shanghai dragon came up with a prototype of a principle, here I first for me at that time the Shanghai dragon’s thinking form.

also said before the beginning of contact Shanghai Longfeng do the first station optimization is a medical station, there is no specific said the hospital name, as the word "Guangzhou andrology hospital" I used it on the front page of 2 months. A start for this new sites is another concern and careful maintenance, after all, this is my first station, is also very important to. A month before the main building do false original articles and the chain (the chain construction ps:2012 years or better, go to do) to do after ranking the foundation, hard work pays off, or spent energy, always want a little return, included, soon, according to the rankings have increased significantly, some words on page third.

Shanghai dragon thinking determines the optimization of the final success or failure of

really insist on two weeks later I was on the first page, some joy. But some of the same concerns, after all that time the manager said that the general site is 3 month review period. This is not the point ah! Would be temporary and so on a series of problems?. Later proved unexpectedly in a month after artificial Click to reduce, has been ranked first in the rankings fluctuations. Not too big effect. Our manager later held a meeting to analyze reasons. Mainly my previous work done solid, including the high quality of the chain (or chain) pseudo original articles included, code optimization in the station, the layout of the keywords and so on. Keep stable never broken. That I just click a supporting role.


to my colleagues to show off, and then make several of my colleagues used VPN tools to change a IP search words then the pages turn to the page to see my website click and then by the way, please don’t close, the way to browse pages (that is when you want to avoid bounce rate, this is also a kind of behavior of the user experience). Because we know many of the people, this is every day to do a few clicks to tens of dollars increase. Later someone told me that you can’t find the word search on the third page, I check the original in page second or sixteenth. I’ll tell them right in accordance with the order, the first three pages are to look for, see click.

I think this was

here, some of the more knowledgeable people begin to know, Shanghai dragon.

of Shanghai dragon ranking software this thing has been very small living things, when in early 2012 I just contacted the Shanghai dragon, nobody told me this thing, you can also brush ranking! But when I just contacted my first stop is to do optimization on medical websites. I actually realize himself a later learned ranking tool prototype of Shanghai dragon.

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