2, increase the reverse link, must have high quality links, but not everywhere is the kind of spam links, get more spam links, sooner or later will be K station.

of each stationmaster, improve the site’s ranking is the most concern, is also the most difficult to do online, so many competitors, to the home page ranking is very is not easy, especially in light of Shanghai products accounted for a few, and then to take root, to see a long standing ability. Below I will talk about how to improve website ranking, enter the Shanghai home of love

It is important to

1, every day to update the content. Love Shanghai to content is king, in fact not so, but love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot, so it must be to please, is the latest snapshot, so you have to update every day, which is conducive to the rankings, not only for the love of Shanghai, each search engine like this. But not always from the online COPY or false original, to do the original article, and the article is best to relate to your website, thus can enrich the content of your site, and to attract search engine to visit your site, give you a good evaluation.

? The

7, looking for Links. Links must watch the other site, if the site has been found in the other search engines in place of punishment, such as: K a lot ", no home page snapshot has long time no update, included is not high and so on.

3, good internal links, let the spider can come from your web browsing.

9, this is our patience. The process of website optimization is not a short period of time, if you want to do this you need to adhere to, maybe your site will not have good rankings, but you will learn a lot of knowledge, I now also is only a rookie, is still learning, I hope one day can be a master.

5, to continue to increase the chain. Don’t increase a lot today, and tomorrow a no doubt, it will cause the search engine. I have done such thing, love Shanghai account to seal up, for a month have not updated snapshot, ranking has dropped a lot.

8, if you are one of the resources, you can use your resources, looking for high quality website to you do link, or spend money to buy, this will have a multiplier effect.


description text links. Whether the external links or internal links, are made of the best description text links, which can improve the site keyword ranking.

6, determine the key words. Key words is a very learned thing, it depends on individual ability, if you do not have the ability, then don’t do it very popular keywords, you can compete with others, such as the station on the outside wall plate or keywords PVC wall panels and the like, a month can not find out the ranking later, I changed a neutral word, similar words, such as the ranking is up, considering the change of popular keywords, step by step.

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