forum outside the chain: if you are a novice website optimization, in very limited circumstances, I personally think that the forum signature was also very much effect, today with everyone together to share some skills forum signature. You should know, is in Shanghai Longfeng forum or local portal forum registered members, post and the post, in the post content or account signature with the optimization of the web site address. Now more famous Shanghai dragon Forum: Admin5, why, Chinaz, 28tui Shanghai, im286, etc.. These are some of the forum Shanghai Dragon Master in business, so the post is love Shanghai included speed is very fast, almost is the second, but these sites are basically the level limit, which you need to register for a period of time before the web signature, this time you can try whether you can add anchor the text in the content, because some are prohibited to add anchor text in the content of the.

2: through the forum signature will be another keyword optimization keywords should be replaced up after the forum signature, a >


The chain

: I believe that many had the disadvantages of the 1 forum friends all know, sometimes because of too many forum posts, leading to the title, this time on this account so links are lost, but also let the search engines have a bad impression that your site outside the chain to transport is not stable, sometimes not, there may be implicated in your website, this is to change Links like, change to a cheating station, love is found in Shanghai, linked to our own website. So it is recommended that the forum posting is the need to pay attention to a degree.

The disadvantage of the

I think, website optimization website content is updated regularly to ensure the case, if you want to make your site a number of ranking, the chain is very important, for the chain of the form of a variety, such as: Links, link, blog, forum to buy group signature and some black hat methods. Today the key to introduce some skills of the chain in the forum.

may have a large number of people visiting the forum when used only to reply, but not in the habit of posting, I personally love to post, because if you could reply, reply time is love Shanghai has articles will be included after the (these sites are seconds), this time to reply there is no effect, if you want to have the effect, need to wait until the next time "snapshot update only. So if you are using the reply method, can choose some of the latest post replies.

since this period of time has been quite busy, no time to write the article, write distance medical industry network marketing Cheats (a) has been for some time, an article is mainly to discuss the third party information website released today and everyone together to share the medical industry among the medical network marketing website optimization part of the personal experience.

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