has paid attention to your users, in the front row, and focus on the user has again ranking rules and overall ranking is the same.

6, micro-blog content quality, forwarding comments number

So in order to improve the ranking of

. To increase the number of fans, less attention, active than micro-blog. Because of this, the purchase of zombie fans ranking is also beneficial to.

user name and search keywords related degree of the higher ranked first. If you search micro-blog keyword is a user name, ranking points, but not completely in the first row, according to other data ranking. For example, search keywords of "entrepreneurship", ranking first in the @ entrepreneur magazine. While the micro-blog @ venture only ranked fourth. The reason is because the micro-blog is not very active, do not know who is robbed of the name. The micro-blog Business @ concern number 2, 4046 fans, 56 micro-blog, no head. That these fans are through the search after active attention.

content of the quality of the higher ranked first, the number of comments forwarded the higher ranked first.


micro-blog will be ranked in the same circumstances.

3, micro-blog, micro-blog and the number of fans on the number of

2, has been concerned about the user on the top

4, micro-blog and

certificationAfter certification of

micro-blog search ranking became popular. The micro-blog user name if there is a good ranking, then, not how to promote micro-blog, every day there will be a lot of fans to concern you. The ranking technique, with respect to love Shanghai such a search engine, more simple. Using keyword search, can understand it.

labelIf micro-blog and

1, micro-blog user name correlation

so we set up in the micro-blog name should be considered when target users may search keywords.

tags in a key word, ranking will be a plus. If micro-blog high quality, even if no key words in the name, also can get good rankings. At the same time convenient to others through the tag search. So the label and introduction of the set is also very important.

5, micro-blog


fans more attention by the former, the index for a relatively large influence ranking. Focus on the less number, the more high ranking, little effect. Micro-blog more, micro-blog users are active, the ranking will be in front. The number of fans in the same circumstances, will by focusing on the number and micro-blog ranked number.

including user name ranking and micro-blog content rankings, because the content rankings are instant rankings, so talk about the main user ranking. The platform is sina. The following detail about factors affecting micro-blog ranking.

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