on the post: the weekly post level proportion ratio of 2:2:3:3, namely a week in 300 as an example, 60 is a grade 60 with level two, 90 as grade three, 90 grade four stickers.

two: the topic link (+ signature of the contents and related properties of the best signature link)

Consider the


recently in Shanghai after love algorithm update, many Shanghai dragon Er on the forum outside the chain is not to give weight, or give weight down to very low discussed? In fact, fly85’s view is that although in recent years, such as happy, watercress, such as micro-blog’s new SNS rapid application development, but as the Web2.0 forum an era of mass communication online paradise, se is unlikely to abandon the forum like has a lot of popularity and the amount of information to grasp, which is different from the past, love Shanghai se pay more attention to the correlation of the chain like forum, such as reply link, signature links may be given lower weight than the previous se the. The following is the chain fly85 guide the staff dedicated to writing a "forum on the construction of the chain Standard Specification", hope to Shanghai dragon forum outside the chain code interested friends help!

to delete posts )

home page.

)The best reply reply post in the

topic mainly from the original degree and signature content correlation. This kind of signature outside chain chain is considered to be the most stable character signature, once was collected, the majority is not deleted.

three: return the contents of the anchor text chain (included general, poor stability of

: a topic related content in the anchor text chain (the theme plus two to three links, not too much)

two daily Xintie more popularity. First, on the day of the forum is not a few people no BBS suggest little hair.

. A PR high weight, high weight forum.

The selection principle of the Three.

Forum (according to the priority attribute from important to unimportant is divided into 4 grades)

The anchor text chain effect

to find the best possible fire post, yet also is the first page turn to reply, reply at this time to add a link, but the links with nature in reply, thus reducing the chance of

in this chain is the best, said here refers to the content and keyword related content, if there is no user experience, even if the original content is easily removed when a distinctive theme issue can quickly be included, outside the chain of long-term retention.

content relevance novel Literature Forum Forum, first, second local government forum, forum. (because the company website is related to literary fiction)

forums >

four: pure anchor text signature chain reply (included poor, poor stability of

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