1, open Sogou search engine: www.sougou贵族宝贝

so we have to do is when no operation, to death, double operation, to be open when it can’t be done, removed and replaced with new channels. No nonsense, on the methods of operation:


comment refers to Sogou Sogou search engine to search for a "comment" function appears in the list of results, and the drainage method in this paper to say actually is the use of this comment for a message, so as to guide.

there are so many hot words 2, billboard, I should choose what kind of? Is very simple, you come to the contents of your drainage type, for example, as shown above, if I were to do the movie website, then I can search the latest and most popular movies, and then evaluate the website I can since to watch, as shown above. By analogy, if I do the novel website? If it is to do the decoration? If I were running WeChat public number? And so on, can be extended to more content. Open your mind. How to think about it.

2, enter the keywords you want to leave a message for the search operation, such as the most popular: catch demon

1, first you search word is very important, because the more popular words, search on behalf of more people, also is to see your message advertising content more and more people, and search hot words through the love of Shanghai Search Ranking (top.baidu贵族宝贝) for

appears to be the message, but there are still many places that need attention and some skills, sometimes is the most important details.

does not have any drainage channels will be long, and only you know the good stuff, as long as the time, the era of natural open, Internet information, change too fast.

thought of

not what highlights highlights is now seems to do not many people do know more of the network, flow and operation and less platform is a good platform, maybe this one platform stage gaps will let you mercilessly make a fortune.

drainage operation

do not always think of a channel not argue with you, only you can silence the long-term operation of this kind of thing, think good, absolutely impossible.

, 3 comments need to enter your QQ number, name index your QQ, then we will have a good means to drainage, we can specially prepared a number of QQ, the type of the QQ number into your business operation, then a simple name can reflect the needs of the name. Such as "dream Free Tutorial" >

3, click the "comment", enter your comment content in the pop-up window. (Tips: need to login to your QQ

use Sogou message specific comment on drainage operation process

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