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Shanghai Longfeng hot than micro-blog, fell in love with the sea type "Shanghai dragon" has about seventy million search results. From here you can see the search engine optimization very competitive, so, in Shanghai dragon when the details are important, this is also a lot of Shanghai dragon veteran from actual combat experience. A website by the location to the site, and then to optimize promotion every step is very important. Perhaps many webmaster in the macro to grasp the good, but do not produce results, believe or not doing well in details. We have to consider the details of what

, a chain of the construction to have the law. The construction of the chain to improve site weight and ranking promotion, Shanghai dragon world "the chain for emperor", or the need to pay attention to. Now the construction of the chain are many, like forums, blog is everyone’s love. But the chain or selection of high quality, for example, is a good choice. The construction of the chain is to rule, in the newly established new station is not to rush to do outside the chain, put their own content to fill in the chain. In the chain don’t suddenly more and less, one day to do 100 days out of the chain, which is not done, it is not conducive to optimizing the search engine will think you are.


. The site within the chain construction, as in the website made a big net, when the spider comes can unimpeded in this online tour, will receive the search engine’s favor. The site map is not to say, update on the website of the article, combined with appropriate previous article link is very good. Chain construction, we also have to pay attention to the details. To do within the chain should pay attention to the same article, don’t do the same link too much the same words, and don’t do the same link too many different words. This will inevitably lead to excessive optimization and search engine mistaken for cheating, causing serious consequences. The site of the spider web to weave the fabric, but too thick will cause spider, therefore, to grasp the amount of.

URL, a construction. The URL address is to attract the spider logo, like every household number. The first thing you need to do site optimization URL uniform, using characters or figures to English, when using Chinese, will display some symbols, and very long, this is disadvantageous in the optimization. Secondly, URL must use the static optimization, in terms of static or pseudo static address is conducive to search engine crawl. Often see some sites included in, there will be a lot of repeat included content. A large part of the reason for this is that the site of URL caused by unreasonable, the search engine grab the static address, and grasp the dynamic address, the website optimization in the course of time is not good. Finally, to ensure the correctness of URL. Some websites have many links, this is not true of the address, so do the Shanghai dragon every day on the website of the link check.



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