in the above points, the website do not good enough, love Shanghai’s ups and downs that can hardly be avoided, this sub Ke Shanghai Longfeng, hope that through this article to them and common learning and common progress. The QQ:2801127934 source 贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon essay贵族宝贝/post/16.html

website ranking up and down, ups and downs, each love Shanghai update affects all nerves. Every morning is to start search keywords, see ranking still or even yesterday, then as the Du rob success, and winton. But today they came to sub company, website keywords fast net actually went to the page second to go, had calmed down as a warning for the future, a good analysis of why ranking change so much.

is to adhere to the pure original web content, in fact we also do, but because of the nature of the business website operation limitation, leads to the site each original are not the original look, this problem has been bothering me for a long time, but in the short term there is no good way to change.

analysis of third

from the external websiteThe

from the site structure analysis

second from the original content of the

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website is nothing more than external chain quantity and quality and the chain of distribution, because before the construction of the chain most strength is in love, know, Wikipedia, Shanghai Post Bar experience above, other or removed from the forum, love Shanghai once reform, the chain suffered net fast. It also tells us that the construction of the chain channels can not be too simple, too casual.

site title, description, we all look tired, here no longer say, just say what changes within the site, more intuitive. In May 10th 3rd anniversary the company website, spend a great effort to modify the website upgrade, in order to enhance the user experience, this is a good thing to help the search engine optimization, but as a result of the revision at the same time, also added a few business website title, description also made adjustments. I personally think that such changes will greatly influence the normal site, about a week can return to normal, but soon net is special, he is still in love Shanghai observation period, and such changes, but also reduce the degree of trust is tantamount to love Shanghai, the more obvious is included every day in the fall. Photo card:

websiteOur Recently,

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