In January 1, 2016, "happy · health fitness; Xining" as the theme of the 2016 China Telecom Tianyi cup in Xining forty-third day race in the provincial capital Sea Lake Sports Center opened, the scene of nearly 9000 people to participate in the competition. Round the City sponsored by the Xining municipal government, the Xining Municipal Sports Bureau, the Sea Lake District Management Committee, the body of Qinghai sports center operations management company contractors.

the race with middle school male and female group, young male and female group, male and female adult group and elderly male and female groups and collective group, jogging team twelve groups, a total of 64 games square, nearly 9000 people to participate in the competition. Race along the Qinghai sports center to 54 West Ring road. The high school men group and a group of young men for the entire 9.4 km; middle school women’s group and young woman group for the entire 7.4 km; adult male and adult female group the whole group was 5.5 kilometers; the elderly group, the collective group for the entire 3.9 km; 1.7 km jogging team.

"in New Year’s day race, hope to own a good start in 2016!" Before the game, many participants told reporters.

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