can apply for parents and children’s Fund – workers suffering from serious diseases can have the conditions to use provident fund

days ago, the provincial government forwarded provincial housing and urban construction department, the Provincial Department of Finance jointly developed "on the problem of housing provident fund management of a number of opinions". Opinions in the use of housing provident fund management breakthrough, will benefit the majority of housing provident fund users, so that the use of housing provident fund more efficient, more flexible management.

the "opinions" clearly, employees to purchase owner occupied housing, the extraction balance of storage and I spouse housing provident fund account of the shortage of funds, to provide identity proof of the relationship, and by my parents and children with parents and children can apply for himself under the name of the housing fund, the extraction amount shall not exceed the total price of purchased housing.

special workers suffering from disease and chronic disease and other major diseases causing serious difficulties in family life, with medical insurance issued by the competent department of employee’s medical proof, I can extract the storage balance within the housing provident fund account. Special diseases, chronic diseases and other major diseases by the regional housing provident fund management committee.

employees to purchase housing provident fund housing, housing funds, housing provident fund loans can apply for. At the same time, the workers of the statutory retirement age, according to their ability to repay, physical condition and credit conditions, the loan period may be extended to 5 years after the statutory retirement age. (author: Li Yanfang)


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