this year, Huangzhong county to the tourist satisfaction as the goal, focus on management, strong service, and carry out the scenic area comprehensive environmental remediation activities, to further consolidate our province traditional "trump card" Kumbum Monastery scenic area 5A level scenic spots to create results, a new image of cultural tourism.

to the famous Kumbum Monastery for "leading" tourism in Huangzhong County in recent years through the meticulously, attracting more and more tourists. In order to further enhance the quality of scenic spots, Huangzhong county to take comprehensive measures to enhance the trump card scenic civilization. The civilized etiquette instructors held 5 training courses, training instructors designated 180 people, regulate the civilized language, behavior norms, instrument specifications, new standard, unified guide clothing, clothing, public service commitment and service quality supervision telephone. From tourism, industry and commerce, public security, urban construction departments and lushaer town to deploy staff joint action, the cumulative 1200 passengers, check the designated instructors guide to solve the tourists 145 passengers, 4 complaints, and the "black guide" and "field guide" 10 people, transferred to public security organs detained 1 people; renovation of Kumbum Monastery square traders 15, designated fixed more than 40 stalls; specification within the area, warning guidance signs, the convenience of tourists sightseeing, civilized propaganda slogans remind tourists and tourism workers pay attention to polite, civilized language, advocate civilized tourism, build civilized scenic spots.

at the same time, vigorously improve the overall appearance of the scenic area, to create a comfortable and harmonious tourism environment. Up to now, has invested 9 million 800 thousand yuan to complete the transformation of tourist service center, the 5A class public toilets, 2 3A class toilets, rest chairs, trash and other infrastructure. (author: Su Jianping Zhang Yunxiao)

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