Into the winter, with the increase of the static wind inversion weather, warm people’s habits, the city’s air quality once again facing a "challenge", therefore, in November 4th, the municipal government organized the city comprehensive management of air pollution in winter winter treatment work meeting, arrangements for pollution prevention and control work in winter in our city, requiring all localities and departments should take the problem oriented, to implement the responsibility as the starting point, to ensure that the annual air quality rate reached more than 70%, and strive to walk in the forefront of the west. On the day of the meeting, vice mayor Xu Guocheng pointed out that the winter I pollution pressure is still great, all localities and departments of the parks, to adhere to the same goal, the task of the principle of change, to ensure that pollution control efforts, constant effective measures and responsibility. To strengthen the control of dust pollution, effective control of site dust and road dust, for many times the rectification is still not in place rectification site, we must resolutely stop. Speeding up the process of coal to gas project. The muck truck inspection points and inferior coal inspection points to integrate, give full play to its role in the inspection. The muck truck speeding, overloading, traffic overload with work, strengthen the linkage between departments. Meteorological departments in the weather conditions allow, timely carry out artificial precipitation. The implementation of the local main responsibility, give full play to the regulatory role of the grid, the establishment of long-term mechanism of supervision. At the same time, extensive mobilization of social forces to participate in air pollution control. The meeting, the air office informed of a number of existing in the air pollution control problem, pointed out that in the dust control, existing building site implementation of the rectification is not in place, the implementation of dust pollution prevention and control of the 5 standard 100% rebound phenomenon is prominent; the muck car overloaded speeding, along the way to throw and other irregularities have occurred; Datong County clay the factory production process backward, digging the earth and damaged to the production process. The industrial enterprises in pollution control, the implementation of 44 air pollution control projects 28 key emission enterprises, Qinghai Jiangcang energy development limited liability company 3 governance projects slow; Datong nonferrous Futong Pioneer Metals Corporation fails to shut down, because of the heavy metal pollution hazards.  

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