For the protection of urban and rural residents and important units in the "Mid Autumn Festival", "National Day" period for safe electricity, reliable electricity, satisfaction of electricity, the State Grid Qinghai electric power company in the early action, ensure the 95598 power customer service hotline 24 hours smooth basis, the organization of more than 2000 employees to carry out power protection, power supply and service. Continue to carry out inspections of facilities of power supply, timely repair, specification handle customer complaints and reports, to build a safe and harmonious environment for the supply and use of electricity. According to the State Grid Qinghai power dispatching center estimates, this year’s Mid Autumn Festival, National Day period, the Qinghai power grid is expected to be the maximum load of 8 million 350 thousand kilowatts, the gap of about 300 million kwh electricity. In this regard, the company to play the advantages of large-scale power grid configuration resources, coordination of electricity from Sichuan, Gansu, Xinjiang, three provinces as a supplement to ensure adequate supply of electricity in the province during the holiday season. At the same time, the company ahead of the preparation of the Mid Autumn Festival, national day during the protection of power supply plan and contingency plans for the deployment of key lines and equipment to carry out special inspections, maintenance work. Following the completion of the Qinghai Tibet networking project, DC (Qinghai section) annual maintenance tasks, the company has been on the 93 key lines in the province conducted a special inspection, as of September 3rd, a total investigation and rectification of hidden dangers, defects. In addition, the company has completed 120 of the province’s emergency vehicles, emergency vehicles in advance of the maintenance and inspection of the 13, and in the designated place on standby to ensure timely and effective disposal of sudden failure.  

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