To create "Chinese xiadou" tourism circle, highlight the "cool, ecological and cultural characteristics of the brand, the tourism sector in our city to promote cultural connotation through the development of the tourism industry, the tourism products, catering, special national culture facilities, building a number of neighborhood characteristics, to create a distinctive the cultural characteristics of tourism city.

it is understood that this year, the city will improve tourism through the six elements to enhance the city’s tourism function, the formation of a number of appropriate tour function area. The district will play the unique features and advantages, the depth of the development and construction of the Kumbum Monastery, old hill, Dan in the ancient city, Beishan Mountain, rich connotation of religious culture on earth and the original ecological scenic scenic core brand, mining potential cultural connotation; according to local conditions, the development of a number of rural tourism and leisure tourism projects, the development of rural tourism; dig Hehuang farming culture, the development of folk cultural activities, folk ice ice and Snow Festival and other activities, the development of a number of distinctive characteristics of autumn and winter tourism products; the construction of tourism merchandise and souvenirs shopping venues, planning and construction of a number of neighborhood characteristics, to create a distinctive landscape of the city, Xining city to further enrich the structure of tourism products. According to the person in charge of the City Tourism Bureau, the city has built 6 large tourist shopping venues and the characteristics of the shopping street of the 2, foster tourism production enterprises of the 21, tourism commodities franchise stores in more than and 190. The next step will be through standardized travel agencies, tourism and other tourism companies, such as passenger market, accelerate the transformation of the hotel to enhance the intensity, through the discount, to replace the award and other measures to enhance the hospitality and hospitality services. Comprehensive opening of the main tourist routes leading to the main area of the city, to promote the city’s tourism transport bus. (author: Fang Xu)


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