days ago, the national development and Reform Commission city and small towns reform and development center of new towns in our province comprehensive pilot situation investigation assessment, a comprehensive understanding of experience Xining, Haidong, Golmud and Menyuan Hui Autonomous County of new urbanization to promote the pilot and the pilot process results, main problems. And the solutions and suggestions for future work.

During the period of

, the research group were assessed and pilot areas relevant departments conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions, listen to the country in shantytowns, investment and financing reform, the reform of the household registration system and other work to promote the achievements and highlights, experience and difficulties. The assessment team in Menyuan County investigation of the Quan Kou Zhen Mu vegetable base, transformation, door Hao Zhen Kangle Dong Lu shantytowns Bauhinia Garden shantytowns, the pilot work to promote the county affirmed, especially the development of ecological tourism to increase farmers’ income and wealth with the people, and agricultural products e-commerce and other aspects of the work highlights, and suggested that the county actively promote related work, to achieve production integration of the city; in the East Sea, the assessment team inspected the Ledu underground pipe gallery, Career Technical College Qinghai college, Haidong Industrial Park, new high-speed rail Huangshuihe slow system, Haidong Science Park Venture Building, that the pilot work to promote the orderly city of East Sea forceful and effective. The core area of East Sea city PPP underground pipe gallery project highlights, suggestions to further intensify reform, innovative thinking methods, provide a copy can be extended to other areas of the pilot experience; in the city of Golmud, the evaluation group survey of shantytowns and exit of the East Industrial Park, Golmud affirmed the development of circular economy concept well, farmers and herdsmen in the nearest town, health care, social security, education to make achievements. In addition, the evaluation team also conducted a survey of the West Lake District Ninghai city building, Nanchuan Industrial Park industrial development, highly highlights the work in the towns and village circulation of rural property rights system three planning in Xining city.

the end of the survey, the evaluation group also pilot areas in our province transfer of population in herdsmen of the cost sharing mechanism, urban infrastructure capacity, investment and financing mode, PPP project consultation to promote some of the difficulties and problems that exist in the feedback and suggestions.


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