According to the recent introduction of the city to promote the healthy and stable development of the real estate market a number of views, the future is no longer eligible for the purchase of Xining, which means that in the city of 3 and a half years to implement the purchase order to cancel. Then cancel the purchase, the Xining market reaction? Public concern about whether the purchase of loans to release? Opinions mentioned in the housing provident fund loans to improve the implementation of the quota? September 9th, the reporter on the recent public concern about the real estate policy issues were tracked interview. The public is more concerned about the credit limit policy reporters learned that in Xining, the rigid requirements and needs to improve the group is still the main market for the purchase of housing groups, the Xining market is relatively limited, to limit the purchase demand measures is not a restriction, but the credit limit. So, for most improved housing groups, they are more concerned about the financial credit limit policy, because the two or three suites loan limit makes many want to improve housing groups "timid". The reporter learned from the Qinghai provincial banking regulatory bureau, the Bureau and the financial institutions have not yet received the documents of new housing loans adjustment policies, banks are still in the implementation of the previous financial loan policy, if you want to cancel the credit limit of this policy, also need to perform in accordance with the relevant head office arrangement, the banking sector will be the implementation of the policy on the macro arrangement. The amount of provident fund loans will adjust the reporter from Xining housing provident fund management center learned that the city has formulated relevant policies to improve workers paid the maximum amount of housing provident fund loans, to the approval of the municipal government will be implemented, as the majority of workers up to how much can loan provident fund housing loans, the relevant policies issued after the outcome. The market has no obvious influence from the reporter Cui Yong sales Star City real estate projects Department learned that at present, the cancellation of the purchase of the policy has not obvious effect on the real estate sales office, but go to buy two or three suites to customers but there is a lot, because of the purchase of the policy of housing loan policy is still not what change, many people are disappointed, and taking into account the real estate tax and other issues, many people did not dare to buy too much for real estate.  

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