in order to further improve and perfect the first primary diagnosis, referral, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic treatment, hierarchical linkage mechanism, better play the overall efficiency, the provincial regional medical service system of the day before, Qinghai People’s Hospital hospital network formally in the sea east of the city people’s Hospital, the use of "Internet plus medical", "shuangxiang played conjoined gun".

comprehensive health care reform in our province, the provincial people’s hospital led the formation of Provincial Medical Association, medical conjoined through collaboration, integration of regional medical resources, to realize the vertical flow of resources, management of horizontal docking, to promote the diagnosis and classification, improve the overall efficiency, provide standardized, grading, continuous, economical and efficient medical service for the people. This year, the provincial people’s hospital medical body to strengthen regional informatization construction, improve the grading treatment platform, the mutual recognition of test results, do remote consultation, remote medical treatment, remote education, remote quality and safety management, to achieve intensive modern treatment; actively set up conjoined medical imaging center, pathology center, ECG center, inspection center, disinfection supply center, medical quality control center of the six centers, improve grassroots medical institutions service ability, and effectively solve the medical issues, medical treatment is difficult and expensive.

It is reported that

, a regional medical conjoined member units, the provincial people’s Hospital in addition to help the people’s Hospital of East Sea management, improve the medical quality and safety of health care, medical services and other aspects of the working system of aid, personnel training, implementation of two-way referral and so on, will also take the opportunity of the construction of information sharing, inspection, check the results of two hospitals. To further improve the "Internet plus medical mode, using clinical data platform, to create a solid model of medical service and hospital medical conjoined, cloud line line, realize the interaction between experts and patients, guiding the basic general practitioner better medical services for common disease. At the same time, it will establish a new model of continuity of health management services, to achieve an effective convergence of health records and residents of the diagnosis and treatment information, and gradually establish a pre hospital, hospital, hospital after the integration of all aspects of the disease management plan.


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