Xining city road traffic accident insurance claims rapid center was founded more than three years, received a total of more than 3 traffic accidents can effectively alleviate the minor property, the problem of road congestion caused by traffic accidents, but also accumulated experience across the province to carry out the next work fast claims.

for the protection of provincial road traffic safety and orderly and smooth, alleviate road congestion caused by traffic accidents, improve road traffic efficiency, in July 2009, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment and Insurance Industry Association jointly established the first road in our province traffic accident insurance claims quickly center. Since the establishment of the center, take the traffic police department and the province’s 5 Insurance Companies in the hall "one-stop" service mechanism, which greatly facilitates the accident party, to achieve a seamless traffic police "fast" and "fast pay insurance companies, more than three years received a total of more than 30800 cases of minor property of traffic accidents, which in January to in September this year received more than 12000 cases, this practice has been widely recognized by the majority of drivers.


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