In order to better promote the implementation of the new environmental law, the provincial environmental protection department organized a newly revised "environmental protection law" prize knowledge contest, tens of thousands of people to participate in the competition, 145 contestants won.

the newly revised "environmental protection law" has come into effect on January 1st this year, to protect and improve the environment, prevent pollution and other public hazards, protect public health, promote the construction of ecological civilization, to promote sustainable economic and social development, has a very important significance. In order to promote the new environmental protection law, the provincial environmental protection department in December 2014 organized a prize knowledge contest, competition set up one or two, three and other awards and outstanding award of the four awards. After more than a month of activity, nearly ten thousand people participated in the activities of knowledge contest. The day before, after a public notary lottery from the masses participate in the competition, first prize 5, two prize 10, third-prize 30, 100 award of excellence.  

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