It is understood that since the western city combined with the party’s mass line educational practice activities, in the region of Daxing wind project of the party construction, to consolidate the party building foundation, improve the party building service level, Party members and the masses as the theme of the brand to create each party to carry out activities such as like bamboo shoots after a spring rain show, in a good situation of high, strong vitality, effect the obvious. In the process of speeding up the economic development of the West District, the basic work of strengthening the basic level party building as the basic work of the work has been firmly in hand. Among them, the west side of the street branch of the Financial Street Branch of the party members of the party members into the community activities, to guide the party members in the service community to play a vanguard role model. District procuratorate party in the hospital to explore the implementation of AB Gang work model, so that the whole Party members and cadres to enhance the sense of serving the masses. The ancient city of Taiwan Street Lane college Party branch to party culture into building homes, buildings of the 135 party "as the carrier, give full play to the role of building the hospital party organization, by building five service platform, to improve the overall level of community party construction work. At the same time, in the process of building the district cadres training center, district organization department to make full use of this platform of region culture and Art Center, actively building positions, equipment, strong teachers, has laid a solid foundation for the grasp of the education and training of Party members. In the building of the hospital branch service center construction projects, the integration of the Main Street West Street community resources, the establishment of the first branch of the hospital building service center, built the streets of the hospital building branch learning platform. Carry out the "Peng Jia Zhai Zhen triple working methods, made a new exploration in the grass-roots party members and cadres to contact the service of the masses. The Youth Street of the ancient city of Taiwan has carried out the practice of "the Party member’s good neighbor house", which has a plurality of contents, and strengthened the cohesion of the community party organization through the rich content.  

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