In order to further deepen the reform of the medical and health system, perfect the first primary diagnosis, referral, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic treatment, hierarchical linkage mechanism, better play to the overall efficiency of regional medical service system, promote the cooperation mechanism of the healthy and sustainable development, to facilitate public medical treatment, the province recently introduced the "Qinghai province building area the Medical Association plan".

the province will be the province, city (state), medical resources division area county health career development planning for the basic pattern, the establishment of public hospitals and health services division, group classification operation area of medical service pattern, promote the doctors and patients to sink to the grassroots, improve grassroots health care institutions service ability. The form is as follows:

– provincial conjoined.

– Taking Qinghai People’s Hospital as the core, set up a provincial regional medical consortium.

two health network has covered 44 county-level hospitals and 405 township hospitals in Qinghai province using remote consultation center and the Provincial Planning Commission established, completes the telemedicine (remote consultation, remote operation, remote diagnosis, remote guidance, remote rounds, guide clinical medication), to achieve intensive reservation (make an appointment, appointment examination, referral appointments, appointment hospital beds etc.); the construction of platform for grading clinics, two-way referral clinic grading to provide information technology support.

– Taking Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai University as the core, the formation of Qinghai province regional medical association.

one is the green hospital as the core of the hospital, and cardio vascular disease hospital and Renji Hospital formed conjoined. Among them, the alliance within the establishment of two-way referral and hospital consultation system, the implementation of multi physician practice system.

is based on two aid as the basis, establish green hospital and people’s Hospital of Yushu Prefecture, Bayi hospital, Hexian People’s Hospital of the people to strengthen and improve the medical technology cooperation, carry out technical teaching, personnel training, referral and other related supporting work.

to hide the hospital as the core to form conjoined ethnic medicine. Give full play to the national medicine characteristics and advantages, realize the sharing of medical resources, in two-way referral, reservation, technical support, flexible flow of talent, Tibetan rehabilitation six functions.State – >

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