As a famous place in ancient times, the area has been known for a long time. Today, after planning and design, the region will become the administrative research center in Xining, shake into a government supermarket". In July 24th, the reporter from the Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission learned that, in order to speed up the construction of Xining City, to promote the transformation of the old city, the tiger Taiwan area reconstruction and development project has entered the stage of development financing, the entire area, the 54 Street will serve as the city development axis, can play a more comprehensive service functions.

the tiger Taiwan area as the west area of the center zone, and connects the west development momentum Mengjin Lake District, is an important area connecting the old city and the new city of. To this end, the city of Xining in the development of project planning, focusing on the guidance of the sustainable, healthy and effective development of the area, in order to improve urban land use efficiency, improve urban functions. The tiger Taiwan area reconstruction and development planning a total land area of 234.2 hectares, planning areas: East sunning Road, West to the Sea Lake Road, north to the Huangshui River, South Kunlun road. Combined with the current situation of the area, Xining will be integrated into the planning of the Tiger Island area with a gathering effect of the administrative research area, science and technology business district and cultural and leisure zone. To further improve the road network construction area, the main street (West Lake Road and sunning Road), the tiger Taiwan Lane (54 street to Kunlun Road) and district branch network; improve the area within the water supply and drainage, electricity, gas and other supporting facilities, the construction of city public green space, culture, health, sports and other public service facilities. The implementation of the tiger Taiwan area renovation project, will further rationalize the Xining city spatial layout, effectively enhance the development of local economy, enhance the service ability of Xining city of the province, and formed the 54 avenue for city development axis, highlighting the administrative management, scientific innovation and technology business as the main function, the City Center embodies the historical features of the local area. (author: Zhou Jianping)


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