to meet the Xining Nanchuan area, Nanchuan Industrial Park production and living water demand, ensure the seamount area affordable housing construction and put into use, the day before, the Provincial Department of housing and urban construction review by the pipe network supporting seventh Waterworks in Xining city transformation project two and preliminary design of water supply network Nanchuan area project.

The engineering design of

road from Tianjun seven water source water pipeline, the storage along urban roads laying water pipelines to the south sea pressure station (expansion), after pressure is sent to a water Shen Zhai area water supply, to protect the middle area water supply line seamount housing supply. After the completion of the project, the eastern part of the city of Xining City, the eastern part of the water supply project planning convergence, to provide effective protection of water security in Xining. (author: Li Yanfang)


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