summer began, Xining depot continued to strengthen passenger renovation, improve passenger vehicle quality, ensure that the library within the production organization in place, transfer to the bus full of bus service quality in place, put in place, and strive to achieve during the summer, the passenger vehicle quality safe and comfortable work target.

According to the characteristics of

during this year Shuyun Tibet tourism traffic, meeting activities, college students flow concentration, the Qinghai Tibet railway company to arrange to open the K9811/2, T265/6 three groups of body in Xining West to Lhasa ferry. According to the new section of the ferry car body station folding train technical inspection time is short, the train can not enter the sewer and other outstanding issues, advance arrangements to strengthen the scene stare control, the full implementation of the security card control measures. Make a backup bus renovation, implementation process of strict supervision on the standby bus, do early prediction, fault fault information processing scheme, first to determine the fault treatment timely and thorough, ensure the backup bus is on standby at any time. Do the train Linke, add a vehicle and other preparatory work in advance, to ensure the passenger train 100% punctual departure, with 100% passenger bus line, using the library quality standard 100%.

addition, Xining vehicle to strengthen the special rectification to transfer to the new Qinghai Tibet railway passenger train, of the Guangzhou bureau to attachment of the 3 column of 50 vehicles to carry out a Tibet car maintenance, the special inspection and maintenance projects to implement the inspection and repair a secret "system, ensure Shuyun Tibet bus safety. At the same time, strengthen the maintenance efforts on the car service facilities, maintenance system of electric stove, dining and cooking ranges, rice cookers, hot water tank, the car set key, to ensure a good library. Asked the crew in the patrol car on duty seriously, bad equipment found, do with the bad with the repair, climate change according to the actual bus running interval, the alternation of day and night, adjust the temperature inside to meet passenger demand. (author: Guo Zhongling)

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