September 6th, reporters from the provincial poverty alleviation and Development Bureau, this year, the city of Xining through the whole village, easily relocated, rain plan, industrial poverty, social poverty alleviation five projects to support 24 thousand, 100 thousand people living in poverty.

Xining city in three counties of the 30 villages and towns to carry out the entire village of poor villages to promote the project, improve the production and living conditions of the project village 75. The implementation of the pilot project to resettle in 17 poor villages, to support life in the lack of basic living conditions and geological disasters threatened poverty-stricken population relocation to convenient transportation, flat terrain, good area of public facilities. Removal of the masses can increase revenue through granite processing, dairy farming, beef cattle fattening and other production projects. Through the rain and dew plan, the three counties to carry out the poor labor force car driving and other professional skills training of six, effectively improve the level of technical skills of these poor workers, to solve the employment. The city’s poor areas have been built in rapeseed planting base, potato planting base, vegetable base, cow, pig breeding base of intensive agriculture and animal husbandry and handicraft industry base characteristics of Tibetan culture base more than and 40.


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