12 14, the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau, the provincial civilization office, the Provincial Association of private associations jointly held the province’s private enterprises and individual businesses and cultural integrity of the name of the recognition of the general assembly. The private enterprise integrity of civilization Qinghai Yuanxing industry and trade limited company chairman Zhao Yonggui and the integrity of civilization of individual industrial and commercial households on behalf of Yu Ting was named in recognition of units for the exchange statement at the meeting, the province’s private economic sector on behalf of 380 participants.

, by progressive rigorous evaluation, media publicity and other procedures, Qinghai xinluzhou Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. and other 96 companies, was named for the 2015 annual provincial civilized integrity of private enterprise "title, Zhang Haixia and other 58 comrades won the 2015 annual" provincial civilized individual industrial and business integrity "of the title, the year 2014 by the recognition of Qinghai Huade group and other 62 companies to be named as the" private enterprise "the integrity of civilization, Wang Ligong and other 67 comrades as" the integrity of civilization of individual industrial and commercial households".

as the business sector should focus on the overall situation, give full play to the role of a more effective measures for the healthy and rapid development of the private economy escort." Deputy director of the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau party members, Zhao Yuhua introduced, at present, our province commercial system reform is in an important period of deepening, development and innovation, to improve administrative efficiency, improve the social credit system, promote the rapid development of entrepreneurship and the mass market, it is an important and urgent task. The province’s industry and Commerce and the market supervision department, the individual and private economic association will give full play to the role of the individual and private economy, the healthy and rapid development of good service, as a private economy escort.

in the future, our province will also take "good faith" to create activities as a long-term project to firmly grasp, and the survival of the fittest incentive mechanism, and constantly improve the selection of measures to encourage and support private enterprises to actively participate in the "youth civilization", "bright star" and "coincidence with credit" to create activities, efforts to create a social atmosphere of honesty and trustworthiness, fully utilizes the enterprise credit information publicity system and commercial system and public information, perfect private enterprise credit information file, and gradually establish a credit evaluation mechanism, strengthen the moral quality education and civilization road occupation of private enterprises.


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