how about DaiQi? In the underwear market, not only has a very high popularity, joined the Qi Qi DaiQi underwear project, or very powerful choice. High quality underwear to join the project choice, the best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs!

to join the Qi Qi DaiQi underwear which support?

1, Dai Qi underwear headquarters to teach you how to join the site, the first step to successy set up shop. Headquarters to provide store location, registration, publicity and guidance; headquarters to provide design, production of a set of promotional materials for the underwear shop.

2, Dai Qi underwear headquarters free for your customized design store space image, with a set of 50000 yuan worth of container door shelves, crystal light words and propaganda items, gifts, decoration design without trouble.

3, Dai Qi underwear headquarters sent marketing experts to experience according to the local consumer groups, consumption concept, consumption level of brand products, comprehensive planning, effective economic and practical underwear store opened the marketing plan, and guide the opening day 3-5.

4, Dai Qi underwear headquarters teach you and your staff professional training and support, including the image of etiquette, sales skills, display standard, underwear knowledge, using ERP software, allows you to change the expert from the layman, easy money.

5, the annual promotion program, Dai Qi underwear join headquarters for you according to the local market planning methods of marketing, enhance market competitiveness, eliminate inventory pressure.

6, Dai Qi underwear headquarters every year invested, commissioned by the professional agencies, the implementation of high density, wide coverage of the publicity and implementation, the high visibility of the product is a franchisee with a constant stream of opportunities, regional headquarters,

achieve win-win!

7, Dai Qi business school every year to hire a professional senior marketing professor, for you to join the business to carry out professional sales training courses and on-site practical guidance to ensure that you have a timely understanding of underwear information and master marketing skills!

has so many support to join the project selection, Dai Qi DaiQi underwear to join, if, you are also very heart, so, hurry up! Come and join us, let us work together to create wealth!

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