drive to travel to bring fun, many people want to be able to make their lives more interesting, have chosen the green way of travel. In March 25th, the newly revised "Shanghai road traffic management regulations" will be formally implemented, more than 5 cases of illegal traffic of overdue treatment will be withheld vehicle driving license.

in recent years, self driving travel, green travel and other popular concepts, more and more people began to enjoy car rental services, car rental business booming. Recently, Shanghai also appeared to share the car TOGO". But there are a lot of people to reflect, the leased vehicle traffic offense records, especially parking chaos, chaos sounding and mobile phone.

to this end, the traffic police corps last week on the city’s traffic situation of the vehicle rental data analysis, the results found that a large number of rental vehicles there are many cases of illegal traffic. Among them, there are 109 car rental company name has more than 10 vehicle has more than 5 illegal untreated, a company called "Shanghai Gang way car rental company name" has 94 cars there more than 5 illegal untreated.

police pointed out that, in accordance with the provisions of the new regulations seventy-ninth, the police found that the traffic law has not yet received more than 5 cumulative processing, you can first detain the motor vehicle driving license. According to this provision, the rental car company vehicles are not due to the backlog of traffic violations, to March 25th, and then the road will be faced buckle card "predicament", and the public once to rent the vehicle on the road is likely to be delayed.

to this end, the city’s traffic police detachment is informed by the door to remind the timely handling of various types of vehicle traffic violations. Last week, Putuo traffic police detachment police came to the area to match the car rental company, the company has 24 car rental vehicles more than 5 untreated traffic violations were informed.

, head of the company’s safety management, said the company has merged with the global car to enjoy the company, is currently being integrated, the company will pay close attention to urge people to deal with traffic violations. Baoshan police detachment police also carried out propaganda on the area of Ding billion car rental company, the company has 67 car rental vehicles more than 5 untreated illegal traffic situations at the same time to remind the company under the name of Shanghai GY7460 there are many cases of illegal behavior whistle vehicle warning to foreign car rental car driving to the law.

no matter who, regardless of the car is their own or lease, as long as the violation of traffic laws, it should be punished, so that order will become better. In China, the official website of the car on the stated that more than 25 days did not eliminate the illegal, the enterprise will be charged by the standard of 200 yuan / day.

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