many women love to buy high-quality handbags, handbags can make women more fashionable, many countries face brand bags, the bag is very popular in South Korea, is different from Western domineering, Han wind comes with little fresh taste seems to be more welcomed by domestic girl. A hit Korean drama down, the actress from dressing to accessories will be sought after; bag is no exception. Would like to become a Korean woman, the first start from the package; then what are the Korean bag brand? Small collection of a number of South Korean bag brand, to give yourself a lesson.


the popular Korean trend brand bags MCM founded in 1976 in Munich in Germany, is the founder of Hollywood stars, Michael Cromer, the letter "MCM" on behalf of Mode, Creation, Munich. Then we introduce the MCM in Busan. CM is the first production of leather MCM started, the heyday of the last century to 80s, all MCM products are manufactured using the highest quality materials and workmanship, bag only using the most advanced materials, even the lining and decoration are waterproof, and after dyeing, can prevent fading. In South Korea, many fashion trendsetter, celebrities children blitz.



COURONNE2009 was founded by the famous Korean designer Shi Jinghui, COURONNE in French is the meaning of "crown", is a well-known domestic luxury brands luggage. It developed from a small unknown brand to become one of South Korea’s top bags enterprises, only a short period of 3 years. In China, although few people know it, but there are a lot of it in Korean drama. A lot of white-collar workers, South Korean star is also favored for this brand.

NO.4 Youk Shim Won

YOUK SHIM WON translated into Chinese called Lu Xinyuan, is the brand name is the brand’s creator, YOUK SHIM WON Lu Xinyuan is a famous Korean painter, her works with the theme of a girl, with a distinctive color to highlight its characteristics. She used a variety of fancy painting tools to create a variety of fantasy girl image is designed in bags, shoes, wallets and other fashion products, as if to say >

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