every time the students get together, hear the most is which students began their own business, which students through the business and make money to get rich. The entrepreneurship of college students very much, but the students’ entrepreneurial road or a piece of paper, no experience, so many detours, in the process of entrepreneurship so today, full network Xiaobian for everyone to speak, to remember what opened a clothing store for college graduates.

shirt wearing occasions opened a clothing store

1, formal

the package is being installed plain, usually in black, blue, gray, hidden deep coffee. So the shirt should also be a solid colored shirt without stripes, the color is mostly white or light blue, and white is more formal than any color. The leading type shirt with a large neck, neck, flat, usually not selected on the collar of that button, can choose the kind of vertical without Lapel shirt.

2, semi formal occasions

in addition to the formal and semi formal occasions dress, and dinner or cocktail dress and other special occasions, also need to pay attention to. A fitting dress can add a lot to your image, especially in this competitive society, it is important to leave a good impression on others. 2012 college students set up shop, pay attention to these aspects, not only to enhance their image, but also can enhance your entrepreneurial performance. If you are in the success of 2012 college students to start a business, and now the operation of clothing, then understand these precautions, you can better manage this product, your profit will naturally improve. >

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