10 years ago, now entrepreneurs are undoubtedly more happy. They can not only have a broader market, more opportunities for development, but also to choose a new business platform – business incubator.

in the quiet mountain of Beijing at the foot of Badachu, the collision of inspiration and entrepreneurial passion in the commune, let the atmosphere here alive.

Two years ago,

"this park is very desolate, building is blank, we are the first batch of pioneers." Founder and chairman of entrepreneurship commune, Liu Xunxu said in an interview with science and technology daily reporter.

At the beginning of

2013, Beijing venture investment and Development Co., Ltd. founded the business community. In the past just in November, by the entrepreneurial community operations Zhongguancun International Passenger Center, completed and opened in the core area of Zhongguancun, only 200 meters from the Zhongguancun venture street. Limited space from here to extend the infinite open, a creative passenger cloud and entrepreneurial resources sharing innovative economic center will take root here.

"Eagle plan": to help you put the wings hard

"at the beginning, we will establish the" office space + + service + apartment space enterprise financial services’ operating mode, to provide good service for entrepreneurs entrepreneurship." Ding Lei, vice president of entrepreneurship commune.

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