in order to increase the store’s income, in order to attract more customers, and now many shops have a lot of business projects, but also the traditional shops will continue to increase their own products. Some time ago, my shop has added a vegetable business. I thought I could add an income to the store, but it didn’t take long for me to find that the vegetable business was not as good as I thought it would be. I saw the store every day to throw away a pile of rotten vegetables, I am both distressed and helpless.

I have the habit of collecting old newspapers, at noon to keep the shop boring, I took them out. A few days ago, in December 6, 2013 the "Oriental Tobacco newspaper · gold weekly" on an article entitled "Laosun selling dry tofu" article attracted my attention. The article is not long, but gave me no small inspiration.

in the homogenization of products serious today, only to meet the real needs of customers, in order to obtain effective marketing performance. Originally, the decision to make vegetables, I have also been thoughtful. Last fall, my home near the shop has a new large residential community, most of the residents have admitted that this community is very close to the county a key primary school, far away from the vegetable market, residents out of vegetables still need through the heavy traffic highway 104, very convenient. The small supermarket around the community, only the south bridge head shop that operates vegetables. According to the residents reflect that the store price of vegetables than the food market market is much higher.

so, I decided to take the strategy of small profits and quick turnover of vegetables, want to win the price. The result is: every day there are many Chinese chives, lettuce, lettuce, not easy to store vegetables, because of being unable to sell the customer, choose the rake damage, eventually rot away, did not earn money. I also try to put these vegetables intact whole bunch of sales, but the customer complained: "home to two or three people, buy back to eat will rot.!"

read "monkey sell dry tofu" this article, recall customer complaints, I suddenly had a new idea.

According to my observation of

days, the new community is mostly working group of young couples, for this part of customers, compared with commodity prices, product appearance, fast and convenient shopping, they care more about the. So, I put these vegetables in advance to choose the leaves, rotten leaves, weighed, divided into two small price, three yuan, wrapped in plastic wrap, and then, in the rush hour put them in front of the store for sale.

after I carefully packed small vegetables, selling a good friend, component foot, gradually, more and more customers love on my small store vegetables. During the holidays, I was pushing a tricycle to the gate of the community stall selling vegetables, positive publicity for the store. Vegetables will be sorted in advance, saving the customer selection >

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