is very smart, do business only skills, while others look silly when doing business accounting is often silly, two case, whose business will be better? Lao Wang is a famous honest man in the town. He is happy all day long. Lao Wang did not go to school, do not know a few words, but he married a prudent wife. Lao Wang to sell mutton for a living, although not very large stalls, but the town’s peers do the best. From shopping malls, hotel buyers to go to the market, the old aunt, many customers are willing to go there to buy meat.

surprisingly, when Wang’s wife went to the meat that very careful in reckoning, sales is not too good, he personally was swept away when the lamb. Many people are very puzzled, and asked the reason why Lao wang. Originally, Lao Wang has his own business. He said that he did not have any culture, the beginning of the business will not be accounted for, even the scales will not make, had to eat a lot of losses. Some buyers to see what he did not culture, count on the account count less than a few dollars, such as Pharaoh came too late.

however, Misfortune may be an actual blessing. For a long time, Lao Wang found that many large customers like to buy mutton where he. With these words, Lao Wang this man really, will not be on the lamb fraud, quality assurance, and more importantly, he was stupid, accounts confused, and he always make money trading. Just started to hear this, Lao Wang is still a little angry, feel that he was pit.

later think carefully, although he ate a small loss, but save a lot of tourists, sales increased, and ultimately earn more. So at the time of the transaction, Wang Ming know sometimes wrong account, but as long as not many, pretended not to see. By virtue of honest, sincere attitude and "silly" sales skills, Wang business more fire, he also became famous "king of mutton".

some people are born "stupid" some, and some people do business may be silly, starting point is different, but in the end is to make the business more popular. In fact, sometimes life is also the case, too often tend to lose too much, a little silly, but there will be unexpected harvest.

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