as a major innovation in the market of tofu, color tofu in the just come out when the business is a substantial publicity, claiming to be able to earn a huge return on profits. So, color tofu make money easy? Is this really a hot business opportunity?

I saw the color tofu sales place has two: one is in the county’s largest supermarket, and the other is in the street of the market, and sell color soybean milk. The price is 2.5 yuan / block, white bean curd is $1.5 / piece, the cheapest price of the supermarket is 1.2 yuan / block, but a little bit smaller.

color there are two kinds of tofu, the supermarket is two colors on the color yellow, the middle, sold in the street is a yellow soil completely, that is made of carrot juice, as for how business like, really can not say! But I heard that at the beginning of time, because fresh, color tofu business is very good, do tofu master suddenly bought three machines, but the business soon faded.

friends said that the color tofu taste is not a good white tofu, cooked color will not (I have tried, it is true, do not know whether this is a technical problem or a common phenomenon).

I think the color bean not necessary to spend a lot of money to invest if, may also earn money not to return to the franchise fee, but if only to buy the machine money into the project, or at least can, and do not make success color bean curd, white tofu can not?

to do a good business but tofu, fell into Soybean Milk, white bean curd, tofu can not sell processed fried tofu, tofu, bean curd skin… Oh..! Go home for two months, the white bean curd will be bought every day for one or two days, and only buy a color tofu once more than two.

so, if such a business is just a fresh figure, but also earn some money, but want to make a long-term profitable earnings, in fact, is not easy. If you happen to have the intention to invest in color tofu, in the understanding of the above content, but also hope that you can handle with care.

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