entrepreneurship is not easy, especially for many novice shop, often in which there are many errors, a little attention, may waste unnecessary time and energy, and even money. In order to ensure the success of entrepreneurship shop, in order to avoid unnecessary waste, to understand these errors is very necessary. However, what are the specific errors? I believe that many people have this question, below, Xiaobian for you to read.

error invalid promotion

novice sellers, part of the business is not good dispensers, like the time spent in shop decoration, baby details and promotion, as I had the same, no matter how hard, intentions, there is no flow. Thus causing a lot of distress and confusion dispensers


on the commonly used free promotion: micro-blog (mutual powder), QQ, YY, Wang Wang (Qun Fa), mail (), drift bottles, space, Baidu talk about the major forums (post), advertising sites (publicity)…..

is not afraid to fight, summed up in one sentence: in most cases, the above method is basically a waste of time, or the effect is not obvious or that the short-term effect is not obvious or that the effect is not a fundamental


there are wood? (in addition to the Taobao forum can also bring some traffic, but the kind of curiosity, sympathy, the majority of the supporters, so please sympathize with the shopkeeper it, collection, reply is virtue!)

on the commonly used payment promotion: through the car (key words: not open, can not afford to burn, not suitable for children), Taobao off (key words: help the rich do not help the poor, cheat flow), other activities (key words: not eligible)

misunderstanding two credulity experience post, misleading their

we have to thank those who experienced predecessors, quick thinking, smart marketing master shopkeeper will open his own skills and successful methods, carefully collected and organized into the material sharing to us! We got many valuable and instructive things from school! But we may have thought that they behind the success I experienced many difficulties and setbacks, not simple words can express complete.


plays a different role, different perspective, through a shop, experience more or less, to master the skills in terms of knowledge and so on factors leading to a lot of content is subjective and one-sided, it is difficult for others to understand! Always look good! Some say or may even the author himself didn’t demonstrated the correctness and feasibility of it is pure, so sometimes mislead us wise remark of an experienced person,


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