for most entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is one of the most urgent needs of resources must be funding. In recent years, all over the country have opened a variety of venture capital channels for the application of the work carried out in Ganzhou to start the work of secured loans recently won a national honor, which is a great support for entrepreneurship.

12 7 July from Ganzhou City Labor Employment Service Management Bureau came the good news: in the day before at the Chinese Banking Association "micro entrepreneurship Award" awards ceremony, re employment in Ganzhou City, small loan Credit Guarantee Center won the "best social performance management award". This is the second in 2012 was named "national employment advanced unit" and in 2015 was named "national heroine civilized post" title, and a national award from the center. At the same time, into the business loan guarantee work experience in the city for the first time issued "2015 Chinese microfinance industry development report" and "excellent micro finance cases", as the promotion highlights national venture loans field.

2003 years, I adhere to the entrepreneurial loans as an important work of the people’s livelihood projects, to support vulnerable groups has become an important channel for my business, employment and entrepreneurship in the precise poverty, the formation of the "Jiangxi Ganzhou" business loan guarantee mode, become Jiangxi and even the whole country model. Up to now, the city issued a total of 9 billion 128 million yuan of venture capital loans to support the start-up of the business of the people, led by the employment of 444 thousand and 900 people, support the development of small and micro enterprises in the 295.

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