in the store operation process, it is what kind of things can happen, embarrassment is a lot more, if it happens that, it has a very negative impact on the operation of shops will. More than nine minutes late last night, I was cleaning the store, ready to close the door, came in with a total of three customers, the average age of about 50.

two of them are my gold customers, and the other is a new customer. Gold customers in the name of Liang Liang to buy a box of pure milk, payment, the new customer suddenly said: this kind of milk big supermarket to sell thirty-seven boxes, and the happiness of the supermarket is only $twenty-seven. The day before yesterday, I called her and bought two boxes, drink good."

I took the beam of red to forty dollars, listen to her so say, really a little overwhelmed, involuntarily looking to buy milk beam red. I do not know whether it is my eyes, or listen to the reasons for her companions, Liang Hong looks a bit unnatural.

"is not a soft bag? Mengniu?" I asked softly.

is not a soft bag, and your home is exactly the same as the milk, they sell twenty-seven yuan a box." She said firmly.

"you said the price, I take the goods are not available. This Mengniu milk shelf life of only forty-five days, our family will add a total of $two. Mengniu milk is in the promotion, the past year has not been the price to us, you are not wrong?"

"yes! It’s exactly the same as the box. Our whole family is drinking! I remember wrong……"

Liang Hong face has been filled with dark clouds, how to do?

"I’ll give you twenty-seven dollars, but tomorrow, Saturday, Liang Hong will go to work and you don’t have to go to work." I sincerely slowly and clearly says, put a twenty, a five dollar and two dollar flat on the counter. "It’s all right. I can’t give you the price of ten yuan for Liang Liang, which is ten pieces."

"ah! Give me……"

"on! I know you have to work tomorrow. Happiness is not too far away from the supermarket, you can not ride the electric car back and forth for forty minutes, help a friend." I smiled calmly at her.

at this time Liang Hong saw his partner embarrassed, even the way: "well, I do not always buy milk from you? You can still get me."

"happy supermarket?" Sitting next to another customer, said: "the last WeChat does not"

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