there are a lot of people all love pets, the dog is a pet people prefer feeding, recently appeared in Shanghai called the pet funeral, also attracted a lot of attention, so what is the pet funeral?

2015 August 29th news, Shanghai, flower beds, wooden coffin, couplet, in Shanghai city of Minhang District at a private memorial room, a small memorial ceremony was held. But, in particular, about 20 cm long in the coffin is a small pet dog. Service personnel for the puppy brush, the owner recalls, ritual meticulous…… This is a funeral ceremony for pets.

is willing to pay big bucks for their pets to hold these so-called luxurious funeral, which is the root cause for their favorite pet. However, such lavish special pet funeral, really let their economy can afford? In today’s society, the relationship between people and animals is more and more profound, but also a sudden emotional indifference between people. Many times, people prefer to put their feelings on animals, and are no longer willing to tell their own troubles in the heart of friends, in the final analysis, or the relationship between friends farther and farther.

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