the majority of migrant workers start now by the support of the government, but also is not just a slogan on the support, but also a practical action to support, in Hunan on the introduction of measures to protect the rights of migrant workers.

not settled in the town of migrant workers to the residence permit can also enjoy basic public services, at this stage, not to quit the land contract and management rights, land use rights, collective income distribution rights as a condition of farmers settled in the city…… The provincial government issued "on the day before the implementation of the views of" further improve services for migrant workers to work, from the stability and expansion of employment and Entrepreneurship of migrant workers, safeguard the labor rights and interests, promoting rural migrant workers migrant workers gradually realize the equal enjoyment of basic public services in urban areas and settled in the town and other aspects of the introduction of 26 measures.

: migrant workers home business founded enterprises can grant

"opinions" requirements, the full implementation of the national insurance registration scheme, in accordance with the law will establish labor relations with the employer of migrant workers into the urban basic old-age insurance and basic medical insurance for migrant workers, transferring social security according to the provisions. Study and improve the flexible employment of migrant workers to participate in the basic old-age insurance policy, flexible employment of migrant workers can participate in the basic medical insurance for urban residents.

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