college students venture capital is young, but everyone’s entrepreneurial path is not flat, some need to go through a lot of tests, and some even need to re. Therefore, the establishment of the "double" Kunming to encourage tolerance of failure mechanism, two business students enjoy subsidies.

College Students’ individual or group of

to within 5 years after graduation, did not enjoy the business park free incubation service, through the lease to obtain business site and continue to operate more than 1 years of personal or team of undergraduate business entities in the administrative area of the city, the municipal finance management in accordance with the site location of similar field average rent of 70%, given the longest not more than 2 years of rental subsidies, the annual rental subsidies highest do not exceed 10 thousand yuan.

"Pan sea sailing Kunming entrepreneurial action charity project included in the annual government employment work, support from the policy, funding, personnel, and create a new pattern of social organization, government and enterprise cooperation to carry out entrepreneurial innovation work.

in the incubator service platform to strengthen the construction of entrepreneurial innovation, according to the market, specialization, integration and network requirements, government guidance and market leadership, social participation, service principle, and actively create new incubator service platform a number of different levels, function facilities, strong carrying capacity and distinctive "double" Industrial Park, business demonstration zone and maxspace, entrepreneurship coffee, innovative workshops and other "Internet plus innovation".

the establishment of government investment management business park subsidy mechanism, county (city) district government shall not be less than 10% of the proportion raised from the local employment special funds charged business park management subsidy funds, mainly for business recommendation

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