pet is now in the status of the family is getting higher and higher, so, professional pet service for pet shops is naturally more and more. If you want to get the recognition of consumers, a proper name is very necessary. However, if you want to pet store up a suitable name, you need to bear in mind the relevant rules. Pet shop name need to remember those rules? It is important to open a pet shop name, spread and development of the pet shop want fast, pet shop name is also very important, you need to follow the rules?

1. fonts simple, easy to see


pet store name, font must be concise, easy to read, let a person do not use some of the strokes gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, cumbersome names, such as unsightly, and difficult to understand, memory is not conducive to the customer. And the use of some simple text fonts but the effect will be better.

Less than

2. words, catchy

pet shop name, to avoid a long string of words, especially some with a taste of the name. Such words are hard to remember and difficult to understand. The name to use fewer words, catchy name. It is best to be in the 5 Chinese characters, which is the most appropriate word name.

3. name to be unique

pet shop name to be unique, not an easy thing. When the name reflects the characteristics of the industry, but also in style, and not many industry names. It takes a lot of work.

pet shop is suitable for an easy listening, easy to read, easy to remember the name, and in the name of don’t have confused words, multi tone words, difficult words, people are too strange words, should be concise and comprehensive. Rich characteristic.

4. fonts to give people a sense of beauty

customers in front of the pet shop, the first thing is reflected in the pet shop name. Therefore, the name of the name of the pet shop must give people a sense of beauty, fonts to design novel, the customer will have a desire to see the name of the store.

no matter in which country, word of mouth for the spread of a shop is very important, so, if you can take a good name, communication effect will be better, the business of the shop will naturally better. In short, the name of the pet store is very important for the spread of good names to remember more conducive to communication.

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